Editorial standards help us to maintain integrity, vision, impartiality, credibility, and independence. These values are central to the work we accomplish at RxLeaf.

Our mission is to inform about the latest in medical cannabis research and related product development. We believe a big part of that is keeping up with the latest in industry editorial standards and putting best practices into play.

The editing team strives to ensure that all published material is correct and that its language honors diversity. We place value on the following tenets:

Fact Checking
• We are aware of the importance of being a reliable source of information for medical cannabis. To this end, we ensure that all hyperlinks are reputable sources, all facts within each article have been checked, and that research outcomes are not exaggerated.
• We will never plagiarize.

Conflicts of Interest
• We are free of political, economic, or academic influence.
• The editorial team works separately from the marketing team and is not influenced to promote any product or brand through gifts or payment.
• We use care when relaying medical research information and always disclose if there is a suspected conflict of interest, especially if the study is commissioned by drug companies, special interest groups, or by the company itself.
• We refrain from making political statements or promoting one party or person over another.

• We do not use pseudonyms and provide contact information and backgrounds on all staff.
• If we borrow material from another source this is credited and where ever possible, permission is sought.

• We avoid stereotypes and seek to include and have representation of all groups of people no matter race, creed, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

• We will never hesitate to make a correction when an error has been made and welcome audience input and shared learning.
• When we make a mistake, we will correct it in a prompt and transparent manner. There is the opportunity to report an error at the end of every article.

• Articles are fact based and do not host opinion unless otherwise indicated.
• Any writer’s request to present their work as work of opinion must first be approved by the Editor in Chief. These articles are clearly indicated as ‘opinion.’