New Hemp Infusion Technology Gets the Buzz From the Bees

Jessica McKeil August 25, 2020 0 comments

“Hemp You Can Feel” may sound like just another marketing ploy, but, wait until you hear about the bees…

Everyone knows that CBD doesn’t usually feel like much. Sure, it’s relaxing, but the actual effects are subtle. In fact, many would say the CBD phenomena is barely perceptible, until you look back on it. That’s all about to change! There’s a new hemp experience, one you can feel, that uses patented technology developed by an Israeli company – a tech that owes more to the beehive than to humans interfering with nature.

That’s right, a new cannabis technology enlists the help of the beehive to make a consumer product that is both an environmental and technological marvel for the CBD industry. It’s a hemp infusion you actually can feel. Not exactly a buzz, but something close to it. Further, it’s a clean and completely water-soluble product that is added to a whole line of hemp-based edibles. These include: an alcohol alternative line of ‘cocktail mixers”, honey gummies, hydration gummies, fully compostable coffee K Cups, and so much more. Honestly, this is a product we predict will create quite the buzz (sorry, had to) in the cannabis space.

What’s Special About Hemp You Can Feel™?

How can you actually feel hemp? Well, that is a result of a water-soluble infusion process that actually takes place inside bees. This is an all-natural process that relies entirely on what is called, “Bee-Fuse Technology™”  which is an invention of a company in Isreal called PhytoPharma International, which successfully discovered a method that allows bees to naturally express active cannabinoids in their honey. Leveraging this knowledge, they developed the technology behind the natural, nutritional composition and the bees loved it.  And in the end, each Hemp You Can Feel™ product actually feels like something, unlike most regular CBD products. This is true even though each serving contains less than 1 mg of hemp extract.

Hemp You Can Feel™ stands out precisely because of the bees. We’ll get into what the bees are doing in a minute, but you must first know that this pollinating insect is highly sensitive to environmental pollution. We are losing many colonies of bees, the world over, due to the use of pesticides and herbicides in monoculture. Bees just can’t take it. And that’s how you know the Hemp You Can Feel™ products are clean. The hemp is processed by the bees, and they love it. It’s hard to get closer to nature than that.

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Finally, Cannabis Global Inc and the Hemp You Can Feel™ brand are committed to the planet. They are dedicated to reducing their ecological footprint with better ingredient sourcing and plastic-free packaging. The eco-friendly mindset starts in production, but goes all the way to packaging. Every detail matters because all of these small things add up to make a big difference for planet Earth.

For example, they use specialty K-Cups. If you have opinions about the plastic pollution created by traditional K-Cups, you can put those aside with the Hemp You Can Feel™ Organic Coffee K-Cups. These cups, including the plastic and the peeling lid, are 100 percent compostable. They even put a number on it! As per Hemp You Can Feel™, their novel new K-Cups completely compost roughly 120 days after disposal.

A Different Approach to CBD Infusions

Today, most CBD edibles start with a solvent-based extraction process to pull the valuable cannabinoids, terpenes, and other organic compounds from hemp. When done right, solvent-based extractions contain no lingering substances. But, as the industry routinely warns us, contaminated products have made, and continue to make, their way home with consumers.

The risk increases after this first step. Crude extracts must go through a secondary process adding chemicals, surfactants, or preservatives to improve water-solubility, emulsion, and shelf-stability. Only then do producers infuse foods, drinks, and other edibles with this final CBD product.

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This CBD infusion is different. Are those chemicals and additional ingredients truly necessary? Nope. Thanks to honey bees, there is a new way to infuse edibles and drinks with the power of hemp.

Incorporating the Beehive Means All-Natural CBD Technology

In nature, honeybees fly from flower to flower to collect nectar for the hive. Bees store the nectar within their honey stomach, an entirely separate system from their digestive tract. In this special organ, the nectar mixes with an enzyme which reduces sucrose and helps balance the nectar’s water content. If the worker honey bees do not use this liquid gold right away, they can incorporate it into other combs in the hive.

So what does this have to do with Hemp You Can Feel™? They rely on a method which harnesses the natural properties of bees and cannabis to create an all-natural, chemical-free, water-soluble, and CBD-rich infusion.

At the facility, bees consume hemp oil and process it through their honey-stomach system. The specialized stomach uses natural enzymes to break it down. This converts hemp into an entirely water-soluble, sweet substance — a sort of CBD honey.

After collection, Hemp You Can Feel™ takes one additional step. They dehydrate the hemp-infused honey into a powder. This takes place through a unique process that dehydrates with low temperatures and no additional chemicals.

Every Hemp You Can Feel™ product, from the Organic Coffee K-Cups to the Gummies You Can Feel to the line of Cocktail Mixers, contains this specialized hemp extraction.

The Difference Bees Make with Their Beehive Technology

A regular CBD edible contains anywhere between 10 to 100 mg of CBD. If that were THC, it would be a substantial dose. But for CBD, these are sub-perceptual doses. In most cases, the human body struggles to absorb this fat-soluble molecule from edibles. Because so little CBD makes it through the digestive tract and into the bloodstream, even a highly dosed CBD edible feels quite mild.

Hemp You Can Feel™ Cocktail Mixers are an excellent example of how it is possible to actually feel the effects of hemp. It’s because of the incredible water solubility of the powdered hemp honey, based on the technology from PhytoPharma International.  It’s easily absorbed, and a little goes a long way in terms of effects and experience.

A single 1 oz serving, mixed with soda water, promotes the very same relaxation and stress relief as an after-work alcoholic beverage might. A second drink and the benefits are even more pronounced.

Hemp You Can Feel™ is a (Super) Natural Brand

CBD and hemp extracts are always sold as ‘natural.’ But, most consumers don’t realize the highly unnatural process cannabis extracts go through before infusion into candies, drinks, and other foods.

Hemp You Can Feel™ skips all the additives, and harnesses the technology of the beehive to create a more effective CBD product. In this sense, Hemp You Can Feel’s line of cocktail mixers, gummies, and more are just a little bit better than natural, they are SUPER natural.

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