Cannabis Flower: Only One Flower Can Do All This

Randy Robinson February 12, 2019 0 comments

When love is in the air, you can enhance every touch and feeling by including a bouquet of cannabis flower.

It’s that day again, lovers celebrate their union by going out for dinner, catching a show, or taking shots at putt-putt golf. Time for greeting cards adorned with strawberry hearts to sit atop the TV for a week. Ribboned boxes of chocolates abound.  And the flowers…the flowers.  Most couples settle on a bundle of roses or a store-composed bouquet – and that is very boring.

There’s one flower that should be a love staple, not just for Valentine’s Day, but for every day you share with a partner – Cannabis sativa. In some legal areas, you can even order bouquets arranged with cannabis buds, so remember that bit next Valentine’s Day because you’re not likely to get one at this hour.

cannabis flower bouquet

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Cannabis Flower is More Than Just a Pretty Smell

Flowers are just the start of what cannabis can do for your Valentine’s Day, especially if you are planning to speak the language of love, if you know the language of which I speak.

The Seduction of a Calm Heart and Home

Before receiving the “all systems go” sign, every courtship must go through a series of specific, yet subtle social maneuvers to facilitate coition.  A single snarky remark or irked outburst could derail the train on foreplay to no-play. The adage “Never go to bed angry” is generally true, but it certainly applies to the Valentine’s Day ritual, too.

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Unfortunately, probabilities are working against you. Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular times to break up according to information designer David McCandless – next to Spring Break, April Fool’s Day, and just before Christmas. The reason for this is unclear, but it may have to do with the excessive pressure some people take on during the holiday.

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Luckily, cannabis can prevent, or at least smooth-over disagreements between partners. Even if only one partner consumes cannabis, it reduces domestic tension. And we’re all aware that a chill amount of THC can ward off anxiety, so that can also help with the V-Day jitters overall.

Stimulation for the Mind, Heart and Body

So, you’ve made it to that part where the clothes and the barriers are coming down. Congratulations. This is the perfect time to elevate your experience with cannabis and cannabis products.

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But will cannabis make you frisky in the first place? Cannabis is considered an aphrodisiac, but it really depends on the individual. Some people just want to go to sleep. Studies on this show inconclusive results, so you’ll need to feel that out for yourself.

If you are indulging, you can try some personalized terpene blends to give you a customized high.  High Love chocolates from 1906 were made with lovers in mind. And Hmbldt’s “Arouse” vape cartridge is designed to assist in exactly its namesake.

To make sure everything is running smoothly and comfortably for everyone, cannabis-based lubricants, such as Velvet Swing from Tarukino, uses THC to warm and stimulate sensitive vaginal tissues. And if used vaginally, Velvet Swing is non-psychoactive. The lube, however, can lift your partner in as little as 10 minutes if you’re using orally or anally. If you decide to go the route of the latter,  Foria’s “Explore” is designed to ease the way without creating a high.

Best of all the long-lasting, natural choices for cannabis lube, is to make your own weed-lube with coconut oil. Just keep in mind that oil-based sex lubes carry special precautions compared to water-based ones. Namely, oil-based are not condom compatible.

cannabis flower represented by two men kissing

Cannabis Flower Can Help You Deeply Connect

If you’re a conscientious lover, then you know love-making doesn’t stop after the final sighs. There’s still the cuddling, nuzzling, Netflix, ice cream, and general loafing about. Whatever you do during this stage, just know you’ll bond more with that person because right now, your nervous system is lit by a neurochemical soup of endocannabinoids and hormones, the kinds that forge deep feelings of connection between human beings.

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Two powerful compounds involved in this feelsy-slurry include oxytocin (the so-called “love hormone”) and anandamide, our body’s analogue to THC. Oxytocin works better with anandamide, and if you’re deficient in anandamide, it’s possible THC could supplement. That after-sex joint that stoner couples love to share? There’s probably a sound, scientific reason for that staple.

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Of course, cannabis’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can assist with bedroom recovery as well. Basically, cannabis can enhance any step of the courtship or mating ritual. If you’re in a legal market, you get delivery options as well, above and beyond smoking a spliff. Just remember to start low, go slow, and play safe.

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