Cannabis Review : Beyond The Brain

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Beyond The Brain Cannabis is an ideal choice for users looking for daytime cannabis that can be used anytime in the morning. The Sativa dominant hybrid strain was made active by none other than the popular Mandala Seeds, and like its name, it offers some ultimate mind expending state of consciousness. This is not all; it also provides a significant boost to the energy level as well as the creativity level of the user. If it is your special day and you want your creativity to reach new heights, consider taking Beyond the Brain marijuana. But, be a little careful with the amount you take as the THCcontent is quite high. Special care should be taken by the new users as this cannabis strain is recommended for the use of the experienced ones.

What is This Beyond The Brain Cannabis Strain?

Beyond The Brain is a popular cannabis strain among people who want to increase their consciousness and remain alert throughout the day. A cross between a Satorimale, female landrace Colombian Sativa and Haze hybrid, it clears the brain clouds completely, helping the users to think in a better manner. While the THC content of this marijuana can be as high as 25%, the Sativa content is measured around 80% and the Indica content is somewhere around 20%. Though it is a popular choice for recreational purposes, it also has several medicinal benefits. Not just the composition, the appearance of this cannabis is equally appealing with buds with small fluffy nugs of neon green color. The beauty is further enhanced with the amber colored hairs and milky golden crystalcoating.

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Effect of this Beyond The Brain Cannabis Strain

Beyond The Brain is the right daytime marijuana for people who do not want to get high after a smoke. It will increase your productivity to a significant extent. While the enhanced creativity level and energy boost are considered to be the prime effects of this cannabis strain, it will also keep you focused toward your goal and you will certainly become more successful. However, this is not all. The euphoric feel, experienced by the users, is also something worth noting in this regard.

Medical Benefits of Beyond The Brain Cannabis Strain

Cannabis, which was earlier infamous as an illegal drug to feel high, has now received much popularity for its medicinal benefits. Like many other strains of cannabis, Beyond The Mind too has significant medicinal benefits. Known for increasing state of consciousness of the users, it can give a significant relief from stress, depression or anxiety related problems. With accurate dosage of this marijuana, you can also get relief from chronic pain related problems as well. Though there is no clinical evidence, it is said that Beyond the Brain is a good choice to cope up with the problems of appetite loss and nausea.

Possible Side Effects of Beyond The Brain Cannabis Strain

Beyond The Brain is often referred as a marijuana strain that will make you feel happy and content. It seldom has any side effects on the user. However, if taken in excess, users may report some complications, which automatically fades away with time. However, unless prescribed for medical reasons, new marijuana users should stay away from smoking this as the THC content is a bit high to handle for the new ones. Though there are not much side effects of this strain, some people complain of cotton mouth or dry eyes related problems.


Beyond The Brain is the ultimate choice for people who want to get some excellent philosophical thoughts and improve their lifestyle. The cannabis is also pretty easy to grow and you can cultivate it indoors as well as outdoors. Yet, there should be a constant source of light as the plants do not grow well in the shades. To cultivate the plants indoor, it is recommended to use 400 to 600 watts in every square meter. Also, you need to follow the basic cultivation tips so that you can take care of the crops in the best way. The plants come in two different phenotypes, one with larger leaves and the other with smaller leaves. So, decide carefully. To be on the safer side, it is recommended to abide by the laws of the state and follow the necessary legal procedure.

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