CBD Crystals for Dabbing

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CBD crystals offer consumers a multitude of ways to medicate with a pure and potent version of this cannabinoid.

The potential medicinal benefits of CBD under research are many and now there is one more way to get these: CBD crystals.

CBD crystals can reach purity levels of ninety-eight percent. While these contain little in the way of additional cannabinoids or terpenes, this is a potent dose of pure CBD.

The production of CBD crystal involves several extraction methods where plant material is filtered to remove unwanted non-medicinal compounds, like waxes and lipids. CBD crystal gets its name from the sugary-looking, crystallized substance that results after the extraction is complete.

The Potential Advantages of CBD Crystal for Medicinal Use

The chief advantage of CBD crystal is its adaptability and ease of administration. Dissolvable in food and liquids, CBD crystals are ideal for consumption in edibles. Sublingual and topical administration are also common, as is smoking, vaping, or dabbing.

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CBD crystals contain zero percent THC, something that makes this format applicable to any patient wishing to avoid the intoxicating effects of cannabis. It is a much more palatable form of CBD as it lacks the sharp and bitter taste often associated with other extractions of the cannabinoid.

CBD crystals on a stump next to cannabis buds

CBD Crystals Lack Entourage Effect

One obvious drawback of CBD crystal is the fact that it contains nothing more than pure CBD. While CBD does have potent medicinal benefits, it’s often the inclusion of other plant compounds that help modulate the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant to a greater extent.

A study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology (2011), explored in great depth many of the potent synergies that help modulate the effects of CBD. It’s one of the most extensive studies ever carried out on the topic of synergies. Researchers highlighted the importance of the entourage effect and how it applies to both cannabinoids and terpenes.

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Among the many findings, researchers provided examples of how CBD interacts with plant terpenes, including caryophyllene, which offers, “significant promise in future addiction treatment,” when used with CBD. According to researchers, using CBD in isolation omits the many medicinal benefits obtainable with a full plant spectrum extract.

An additional drawback of CBD crystals is the expense. These crystals can also produce the typical unwanted side-effects, that include dry lips, low blood pressure levels, lightheadedness, and sleepiness.

How to Dose CBD Crystal

As with any cannabis concentrate, it’s best to start slow and work up. The dosage required varies considerably based on weight and metabolism. Doses generally range in the five to twenty-five milligram range, with ten milligrams being a standard dose. It is best to consult with a cannabis doctor in order to determine the most appropriate dose.

Patients will generally medicate at several points throughout the day, and a precision scale can often be a useful addition to ensure precise dosing of the small amounts required.

Patients new to using CBD crystal should work up to their dose, as effects may take a while to become apparent. For patients who don’t feel the effects of a starting dose, consume more after two to three hours.

It’s important to monitor energy levels and mood throughout the first few days. Increase or decrease the dosage in accordance with inner feelings. With the dose dialed, patients can then enjoy the benefits safe in the knowledge they’re not ingesting too much and thus wasting money.

How CBD Crystals are Made

When it comes to making concentrates, CBD crystals are not the easiest for the DIY enthusiast. The first thing is to obtain some form of cannabis extract; CO2 extractions are common.

With a basic chemistry setup, this extract is then commonly applied to one end of a tube with distilled water and fine sand. Pressure is then applied, forcing the CBD to make its way through the fine sand particles. If THC is present in the extract, CBD will always make its way out first due to its smaller size.

Repeat this procedure two to three times to ensure increased purity. The resulting solution will consist of CBD dissolved in the liquid. To create the CBD crystals, simply boil off the liquid to obtain the crystalized form of CBD.

CBD crystals on a wooden bowl next to a cannabis leaf

How to Medicate with CBD Crystals

The beauty of CBD crystal is that patients can medicate with it in so many ways.

Dabbing CBD Crystals

Dabbing is the most popular way to consume CBD crystal. Simply place the CBD crystal on the dab tool, heat the nail until it’s red hot, and after thirty seconds place the crystals on the nail and inhale. Dabbing CBD crystal ensures quick onset and is a highly efficient method of administration.

Adding CBD Crystals to Edibles

By infusing CBD crystal with a form of fat, patients can make their very own potent medicine at home. Coconut oil or butter often work best. Add the crystals to the fat medium when heated, and stir the mixture until the crystals dissolve. With the CBD infused, the resulting mix is the ideal addition to any edible recipe.

Sublingual Administration of CBD Crystals

By holding a small dose of CBD crystal under the tongue for one to two minutes, it makes its way into the bloodstream via the mucous membrane. Sublingual administration provides an efficient route into the body, bypassing the intestinal tract.

Vaping CBD Crystals

Vaping CBD crystals is another common form of administration that doesn’t require an expensive dabbing setup. Simply place the extract inside and set the desired temperature. CBD boils at between 320-356 degrees Fahrenheit, so there’s no need to overheat it and encourage the introduction of carcinogens.

Smoking CBD Crystals

Those who prefer to smoke cannabis can simply add CBD crystal to a joint or a bowl. Doing so enables patients to bring more CBD into the mix, thus including the entourage effect and increased medicinal benefits.

CBD crystals distill the essential benefits of CBD into a consumable form that provide patients with countless options for administration. Anyone looking to bring more CBD into their medicinal protocol need look no further.

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