How to Give the Gift of Christmas Weed in North America

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Is it OK to give the gift of weed this Christmas in North America?

2020 has been a long and difficult year. And while many people are consuming record amounts of cannabis, others are far less fortunate. Whether that be through job loss or having to reduce expenses, some of us could use a medicinal boost this Christmas. So, why not give what they really want? With so many regions legalizing and societal norms bending toward acceptance, this could be the perfect year to gift cannabis! There is a small caveat, however. Cannabis is still considered an unusual gift, so there are some considerations when giving someone the well-deserved gift Christmas weed.

Of course, you are going to want to first consider legalities in your gift giving region. You should never give someone a gift that is going to land them with a fine (or worse). And travelling across state lines with cannabis is a no-no at the federal level. Further, you generally can’t legally mail the cannabis either.

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Buying Cannabis: Tolerance and Terpenes

Unless you regularly partake together, there isn’t any way to sort out a person’s individual tolerance. And if you are giving Christmas weed to a newbie, it’s best to start low on the THC. While you may love that Silver Haze or Kosher Kush, the THC potency can be all too much for the person you’re gifting to.

Teaching them about healing properties…

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  • Giving somebody some wicked strong White Widow is great – but not if they don’t know what they’re in for. Either tell them what you’re giving them, or just give respect to their tolerance level – its always best to assume it’s lower than you think.
  • Generally high CBD, low THC strains are the starting point for newbies. And often an Indica can be a solid starter, as it is more likely to just relax the person to sleep than cause any sort of anxiety.
  • Moreover, if you give someone the gift of first time cannabis consumption, it is only right that you be there for them. You’ve signed on to be their guide, more or less, through this awesome experience. How you manage that first experience can inform their future relationship with cannabis.

Include the Cannabis Gear

  • Too many an unexpected gift of bud becomes awkward when the receiver has no lighter, rolling papers, grinder, etc. Avoid this by throwing them in with the gift, or bringing your own and partake together!

Wrap Your Christmas Weed Well

  • Firstly, most conventional wrapping paper is non-recyclable. If you’re giving someone cannabis as a Christmas gift, why not match cannabis’ tradition of ecological generosity with your gift generosity? How, you ask? Perhaps with hemp wrapping paper. It’s recycled, and recyclable! What more could you want? You could also try a tin that they can keep using for their stash.

Don’t Expect To Consume

  • Remember, just because you gave somebody weed at Christmas, doesn’t mean they owe you back. It would be a cheesy giver who expects to then smoke the gift. Besides,  the recipient might not be comfortable being ‘medicated’ around others. So, if you’ve got plans to smoke, just bring your own to the gift exchange.
  • Further, it can be nice to remind gift receiver that they’re under no obligation to share right now – as a healthy pile of nugs can quickly dissipate after a large group gets in on the action. While it’s fantastic that your kind gift has now gone to everyone, the receiver might not feel the same way.

Consider Where The Gift Will Be Opened

  • Your lucky giftee won’t be too lucky if they have to open the gift in front of disdaining relatives. While this is the relatives’ prejudice to manage, giving the gift privately avoids any awkward moments.

Limit Your Christmas Weed to the Legal Amount

  • For reference, in Canada, this is 30 grams. Hopefully this isn’t a disappointment, as possessing more than that, (without a medical card) is very much illegal. Also, that’s a lot of giving for one person. A bigger concern is you traveling around making deliveries with more than 30g on you. Check the legalities of your region to make sure you don’t go over the limit and ruin Christmas.

christmas weed represented by hands holding brown wrapped box with sprig of pine in ribbon

Feel Free to Ship if you Live in Canada

  • In progressive Canada, shipping cannabis across provincial lines is actually perfectly legal.
  • However, take care to only ship in an odor free package. Canada Post’s policies restrict cannabis only to specific packaging, which they sell. Canada Post suggests that anyone shipping cannabis should, “Consider purchasing our self-sealing and scent-blocking mailer for your outer packaging.”
  • In the U.S., shipping cannabis changes by state. Check your state’s laws before you post anything, and don’t EVER ship across state lines.

Choose your Christmas Weed Container Wisely

  • A chemovar rich in pinene might blend in perfectly with the Christmas tree. However, gifting weed at Christmas can be a mistake in the house of a disapproving partner. See the suggestion above, or, consider hiding the weed in a smell proof container. If you choose well, such a container can serve to be just as good a gift as the weed – a gift that keeps-on-giving.

Don’t Give Cannabis to a Minor (anywhere)

  • The distribution laws under Bill C-45 state that it’s a criminal offence for anyone over the age of 19 to give or sell cannabis to a minor under the age of 19. It’s actually punishable by up to 14 years in prison. This age limit varies across provinces and states. In Quebec, for example, the legal age for cannabis is 21. The same age restriction exists for the United States.

So, follow the rules and be mindful of the traits and habits of the receiver, and generously give the gift of Christmas weed to all those (at the age of majority) you love. Merry Christmas to all!

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