Cannabis-Inspired and Funny Valentine Gifts for That Special Someone

Francis Cassidy February 3, 2020 0 comments

Cannabis legalization means Valentine’s Day gets romantic and elevated this year.

Where it was once about chocolates and flowers; many have now swapped the roses for buds. With the scent of cannabis in the air, the candles lit, and music playing, cannabis has transformed the experience for many. Here’s some funny gifts you might consider getting for your Valentine this February 14th.

As a heart opener, cannabis is in many ways the perfect Valentine’s gift. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (2017), analyzed cannabis consumption and sexual activity. Across 50,000 subjects, researchers concluded that cannabis consumption is “independently associated with increased sexual frequency and does not appear to impair sexual function.”

So with the aforementioned in mind, why wouldn’t cannabis be the greatest gift this Valentine’s day?

“Weed Be Good Together”

Cannabis influences our dopamine levels — that all-important neurotransmitter that’s so intricately involved in feeling pleasure. With increased dopamine, our sex drive is higher, and we’re extra sensitive to touch.

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Regions of the brain become saturated in dopamine when we experience romantic love. It’s our body’s way of telling us we’re doing something right. Furthermore, if cannabis can safely bring us closer to that place, then in many ways it may well be the perfect Valentine’s gift.

The Top Funny Valentine Gifts

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, here are our top recommendations for funny cannabis and Cupid-inspired gifts.

funny valentine represented by girl happily holding cannabis bud with leaves

THC-CBD Molecule Necklace

For those of us who bond with others over cannabis, then why not signify it by gifting some jewelry with a unique twist?

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The fourteen karat molecule necklace by Geniferm is a subtle, cleverly-designed piece formed in the same shape as either the THC or CBD molecules. In these changing times of destigmatization, this is one way to express a proud bond with the cannabis plant without the associated in-your-face approach. With the THC molecule necklace, only those who truly appreciate the plant will know precisely what it means.

My Bud Vase Monica Bong

Flowers alone for Valentine’s Day could be a dying trend. Why not set yourself apart and go the extra mile? The Monica Vase is a bong, as well as a vase. Beautifully decorated with delicate pink flowers, the Monica Vase will highlight the decor in any room while also ensuring you can enjoy your favorite strains with those closest to you. The multifunction apparatus comes in a high-quality porcelain construction and stands at a height of six inches.

Best Buds Broken Heart key Chain set

The best buds broken heart key chain set is the perfect Valentine’s gift for cannabis lovers. The keychain has a stainless steel jump ring on a one-inch key ring.

The chain set comes complete with a two-inch stainless steel dabber and an alligator roach clip for great versatility when you need it most. Lastly, it helps keep the hands scent-free, and is perfect for those who enjoy cannabis on the go.

Cannabis Lube

Yes, cannabis lube is a thing. Foria Pleasure lead the way with their THC and CBD-infused lubes. Designed with women in mind, they heighten pleasurable sensations while reducing any discomfort.

Marketed as the natural arousal lube, it may well be the perfect Valentine’s gift for those who want to intensify feelings of pleasure in more intimate surroundings. It’s suitable for women of any age, right up to postmenopausal women.

It comes in a THC-based solution but is also available in CBD for those living in jurisdictions where THC is not yet legal.

Sweet Heart Bath Bombs

Sweet Heart Bath Bombs from Delush are the perfect way to end any Valentine’s night.

Simply drop one of these hearts into the bath and enjoy the calming effects of CBD. They are infused with the cannabidiol, grapeseed oil as well as healing epsom salts. So, users enjoy a therapeutic soak that’s both calming and revitalizing. With the ability to bind hearts, while treating inflammation, anxiety, dry skin, and aging, there’s no reason not to pop one in the bath come the evening.

For the optimal experience, allow thirty minutes for complete absorption of the CBD.

funny valentine represented by hands entwined on white sheets

Cannabis-Themed Underwear

Returning to the bedroom, Cafe Press offers a full range of funny Valentine underwear for him or her.  This range is sure to enhance your partner or friend’s best features. Their offerings consist of varying designs with witty embroidered images and texts.

Cannabis Candles

Light up someone’s Valentine’s night with a cannabis scented candle. Motley’s Burning Love candle offers up the sharp, earthy tones of cannabis under the suggestive glow of candlelight to form the ideal romantic environment.

The Burning Love candle features notes of sandalwood, leather, myrrh, cannabis, and bergamot that also fill any room with a vintage rustic scent. Furthermore, with a one-hundred hour burn time, it’s an experience you can create again and again.

We live in wonderful times. With a booming legalized cannabis market and strong science suggesting how cannabis can help us out in all departments related to love, cannabis-related Valentine’s gifts are here to stay.

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