Grow Medical Cannabis Easy in Your Home or Apartment

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Grow weed easy in your apartment or in your home.

With an increasing number of states that allow legal personal cannabis grows, it was inevitable that a whole new market would take off. People want control of their medicine. And what better way to gain control than to grow it yourself? You can grow weed easy at home, but it does require some equipment, and a small investment.

What do you Need for Growing Cannabis?

Before you start planning to grow your own cannabis, there are a few things to do. First things first: check the legality. Run it by landlord, familiarize yourself with local laws, and price in the cost of electricity required for a grow to make sure it’s within budget. Don’t jump in without thorough research. There’s a checklist for the full run down.

If you’re a beginner, then you’ll want to select your strains carefully. Some are easier to grow than others. But once you’re equipped with seeds, here’s what you’ll need to grow weed easy at home.

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A Grow Tent

A grow tent provides an non-intrusive solution for those growing cannabis at home. Many people live in rented accommodation, and grow tents allow you to operate in a closed-off section where pets and kids won’t have access. These offer precise temperature and humidity control, and can also be vented to keep that potent aroma from filling the house.

For a 6-plant grow, you’ll require a grow tent of at least 4ft x 2ft. These come in at around $100-$150. The tents also provide a reusable, highly efficient solution with reduced light loss for optimal growing conditions.

Lighting Solutions for Cannabis Growing at Home

A good lighting setup is of paramount importance when growing cannabis. LED lights are best as they consume less power and radiate less heat. For a small grow involving 6 plants, a lighting solution will come to approximately $300. These can be mounted to the roof of your grow tent with cords that allow varying heights. The manufacturer will specify heights, but a good rule is to start these lights at 4 feet above the plants and adjust as the plants grow.

cannabis, cannabis seeds, soil, fertilizer, grow ops, home grow, seeds, cannabis strains, indoor grow, grow tents, lighting, ventilation

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A Fan and Carbon Filter Ventilation System

When growing cannabis indoors, the last thing you want in your grow room is a stagnant pocket of hot air. A fan is an essential piece of equipment that has the advantage of keeping pests and mold at bay. A carbon filter helps remove the odor, which is essential if you’re growing in a closed environment. You’ll need to ensure that your tent is well ventilated and that a continuous flow of air is allowed to enter. The cost of a fan and carbon filter ventilation system for a 6 plant grow will start at around $100.

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Cannabis requires strict temperature and humidity control. Exact values vary depending on the point in the grow cycle, but you’ll want to constantly monitor both parameters closely. A simple digital sensor should cost no more than $10.

Pots for Growing Cannabis

Pot sizes of between 3 and 5 gallons are ideal. These encourage optimal root development when compared to larger options. Cloth or plastic will do, and a set of 6 pots should cost around $20.

cannabis, cannabis seeds, soil, fertilizer, grow ops, home grow, seeds, cannabis strains, indoor grow, grow tents, lighting, ventilation

Optimal Soil for Growing Cannabis

Soil is an incredibly complex topic in and of itself, but a good soil blend is essential if you want your cannabis plants to thrive. For beginners, soil is recommended over a hydroponic substrate, which is much more challenging to grow in and more expensive to set up.

If you are growing auto-flowering varieties of cannabis (recommended for beginners) then it’s a good idea to use a 50/50 mix of coco coir, which is made from coconut husks and helps with water retention, and a peat-based soil with perlite, which helps with drainage. Many home growers end up buying their own ready-made blends. Many competing options exist online, so do a bit of research first. Be prepared to spend $150 for a premium blend.

Nutrients, fertilizer, and feed for cannabis

You will have to give your cannabis plants all the nutrients they need if you want to maximize your harvest. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to tweaking the optimal nourishment for your plants, but if you’re a beginner, it’s best to take a simple, straightforward approach. The ‘2 Part Dual Fuel Kit’ is usually sufficient to get you up and running. It comes in at $60. The set contains several bottles containing top additives to help ensure your cannabis plants reach their potential with fertilizer mixes, flavor and aroma enhancers, and a carbohydrate.

However, for those more serious growers, you can take a more tailored approach. Many experienced cannabis growers trust the General Hydroponics line of nutrients, but this requires an initial investment of approximately $200.

Useful Additional Extras to Grow Weed Easy

While the aforementioned will provide you with all the essentials, there are some optional extras that’ll help prevent further problems.

Bug Strips

Any cannabis grower who has previously dealt with pest infestation knows all about how difficult it can be to recover from one. Not only must you factor in the extra time spent attempting to get things under control, but your plants will not reach their full potential due to the energy they’ve invested in protecting themselves.

By using bug strips right from the get-go, you give yourself the opportunity to act preventatively before an outbreak occurs. They are a cheap solution to a potentially disastrous outcome.

LED UV Protective Glasses

Starting at $20 and specially designed for grow rooms, these glasses protect your eyes from harmful wavelengths and deliver optimal color balance, allowing you to work safely in your tent and treat your plants.

That’s it. Now, get growing!

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