It’s Always High Season at These Cannabis Friendly Destinations

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Where should you travel in the next high tourism season?

With more and more jurisdictions legalizing or decriminalizing the cannabis plant, cannabis tourism is now a real thing. If you’d like to incorporate the healing power of cannabis into your next getaway, then the high season has arrived, and here’s where you need to go.

Coral Cove Cannabis Retreat

Jamaica’s rich cannabis tradition stretches back to its Rastafarian roots. Accordingly, many centers in the country now offer healing by working mindfully with the plant. Coral Cove Wellness Resort is one such place. Basically, it offers cannabis lovers an alternative to the tourist hotspots. They have a wide selection of home-grown cannabis on-site from which their capable chefs whip up some delicious cannabis-infused dishes. And with mineral hot springs nearby, it’s the place to truly connect with nature and the healing power of cannabis.

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Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain

If you’re planning a beach holiday in Spain, then why not take in some of the cannabis social clubs spread across its cities? With lenient and progressive attitudes towards cannabis, such clubs offer cannabis-lovers the opportunity to purchase and consume cannabis for both recreational and medicinal use. The northeastern region of Catalonia leads the way with over 700 cannabis social clubs, and they often play live music and organize other entertainment events inside.

420 Yoga Retreats

Locked away in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, 420 Yoga Retreats organize the ideal getaway for those who want to nourish their soul with cannabis. They provide an ever-increasing creative mix of yoga, movement, meditation, and CBD massages. With a large emphasis on healing, their weekend retreats are popular with those who wish to harness the power of cannabis to release physical and emotional blockages all in a supportive and therapeutic environment. And to cap it all of, it’s surrounded by some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery in what is the optimal healing environment.

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Planning on Getting Hitched in High Season?

Based in several locations across the US and Canada, Love and Marij connect you with wedding organizers who will help you organize that dream cannabis-friendly wedding.

They say cannabis is the new champagne, and they work with a host of dispensaries that’ll help elevate your special day. They’ll coordinate with budtenders and have them come set up a cannabis bar with a range of products that’ll cater to everyone from the seasoned “cannaisseur” to the first-time grandma.

They’ll even contract high-end transportation companies that come complete with a joint-rolling concierge. For anyone short on inspiration on how to plan their special day, there’s a host of inspiration on their site.

A Cannabis-Lover Haven in South America

Uruguay was the first country in the world to completely decriminalize cannabis. This came thanks to the left-leaning Jose Mujica government in 2013. And if there was ever a place to enjoy cannabis, then it’s Uruguay. With beautiful beaches, splendid cuisine, and extensive vineyards, it already has the nature, food, wine, and culture. With cannabis freely available and destigmatized, it’s the perfect combination to explore one of the lesser-known regions in South America.

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For those visiting Uruguay, it’s illegal to purchase cannabis, but it’s still legal to accept it as a gift from a local, meaning circumventing that particular law is never an issue.

Colorado Cannabis Tours: Complete Cannabis Experiences

Located in Denver, Colorado, Colorado Cannabis Tours offer a ton of excellent packages to immerse yourself into this new form of cannabis tourism. You may not see them advertised on the Colorado State Tourism Board’s website, but they have been featured in Vice News and on CNN. Their services help tourists navigate their way through the mind-blowing and ground-breaking world of cannabis culture in Colorado.

The team at Colorado Cannabis Tours offer all-inclusive luxury weekends, like Puff and Powder for the skier in you, to budget-friendly Cannabis Pro cooking concentrates class.

Accommodation on their tours is always in cannabis-friendly buildings. This provides the freedom to vape in the comfort of a hotel room or in the outdoor smoking area.


California-based Cannabliss provides nourishment for body and soul by harnessing the healing properties of cannabis. Accordingly, their team consists of trained staff and neuropathic doctors. The team organizes cannabis retreats. These retreats incorporate a holistic approach to further healing by bringing the body and mind into alignment.

They make for the ideal city escape and serve the needs of those wary from the stresses of modern life. Moreover, through a respectful relationship with the cannabis plant, they serve to promote the conscious and intentional use of cannabis and embrace its healing powers.

Traveling DAB (Doing Activities Better)

Based in Alaska, Traveling DAB is the home of all things cannabis travel. Basically, they organize tailored trips that meet your budget and needs for a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Think hand-crafted, bespoke smoke experiences that include things like one-on-one glassblowing demonstrations, touring cannabis farms, visiting canna coffee shops, or taking in concerts and festivals.

Further, they offer clean-cut education and customized 420 trips by their expert Cannatravel Consultants. Accordingly, the trips go to places where recreational cannabis is currently legal.

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The Cannabis Coffeehouses of Amsterdam

Amsterdam has long since been a mecca for cannabis lovers. The Dutch government went a very different way to the rest of Europe in the approach to cannabis in the mid-1970s, and the result has been a thriving tourist industry where cannabis consumers flock from Europe and further afield.

Moreover, there are over 250 coffeeshops in Amsterdam alone, and they attract over two million tourists per year. With abundant flower, hashish, and edibles on sale in coffeeshops, visitors are often spoiled for choice. Just remember that much of the Amsterdam cannabis is notoriously strong.

High Season: An Expanding Concept

Cannabis tourism seems set to expand in unison with the legalization movement. The stigma is waning. Moreover, the attitude of the public is changing. As it does, high season may well soon come to mean something very different right across the globe.

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