How To Make Potent Cannabis Moon Rocks

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Here’s how to make moon rocks and medicate with a more potent dose of THC.

Some forms of cannabis provide a gentle lift in mood; others, like moon rocks (also spelled “moonrocks”), take the patient to slightly higher elevations. This isn’t an article about the adventures of any Apollo 11 astronauts. Rather, it’s about a form of cannabis called moon rocks that’ll take some consumers as close to the moon as they’re ever likely to get. This form of cannabis gained notoriety for its potency in recreational circles, but it also has real uses for medicinal patients who require a more significant dose. But before we can talk about how to make moon rocks – what are they actually made of?

What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are cannabis bud coated in hash oil and rolled in kief. Few can imagine a more powerful concoction. When prepared correctly, a potent crusted coating encapsulates the entire bud, and they provide a potent kick for those patients who require a higher than average dose.

The rapper Kurupt is widely thought to be the man who gave rise to the trend. His very own Kurupt’s Moonrock comes in with a rating of a tad over fifty percent THC.

The Potency of Moon Rocks

The potency of moonrocks can vary widely and is very much dependent on the quality of the cannabis used. The makeup of the concentrate used will also affect the medicinal properties of the moonrocks. Where THC distillate can help substantially increase THC levels, the presence of other cannabinoids and terpenes from a full-extract concentrate will help ensure maximal medicinal benefit.

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Quality varies among suppliers, and with some unscrupulous vendors using low-quality bud hidden within the crust, the best way to ensure you get the full benefits is to consider making your own.

how to make moon rocks represented by finished moon rocks

How to Make Moon Rocks?

Making moon rocks can be a culinary and artistic pursuit in and of itself. The strength and contents of the flower, concentrate, and kief will all help determine quality and potency. For maximum potency, flavor, and quality, try to purchase the best starting material you can. Full-spectrum oil over isolate should always be the preferred option for medicinal patients should budget allow.

Here’s how to make moon rocks:

  • Gather up some freshly-cured cannabis flower, kief, cannabis oil (preferably full spectrum), a table knife, and some chopsticks or tongs to grip the buds with.
  • Place the concentrate onto the knife before heating it and spread a portion of the cannabis oil onto the bud.
  • Take the sticky bud and roll it in the kief to apply the final coating.

How to Consume Moon Rocks

As their name suggests, moon rocks can take people on quite a trip. They are always best reserved for experienced consumers.

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Further, you can’t smoke moon rocks like you do regular flower. Firstly, they won’t grind, and even if you do get that sticky glue-like texture into a joint, it won’t stay alight.

It’s always best to consume moonrocks in a glass bong or pipe due to their texture. By breaking the moonrocks apart with your fingers, you can load a bowl, or, for a less intense effect, apply a small coating of moon rocks on top of some flower in a bowl or a joint.

how to make moon rocks represented by bud covered in kief in glass jar

The Medicinal Potential of Moon Rocks

For some patients, the average of twenty percent THC present in flower isn’t enough. Some require a higher dose, and the following two conditions represent conditions that patients commonly consumer moon rocks for.

  • Chronic pain. With THC levels thought to hover around fifty percent, moonrocks may enable patients with the long-lasting power to push through or forget crippling levels of pain.
  • Appetite stimulation. While it’s often an unintended consequence of cannabis consumption, for some medicinal patients, appetite stimulation is often a blessing. For those undergoing treatments like chemotherapy, the high levels of THC in moon rocks can help stimulate appetite and provide much-needed nourishment to recovering patients.

Unfortunately, however – some patients may also experience relief from anxiety and nausea, such high quantities of THC may not always be helpful. Patients should always be mindful that while THC does exhibit many medicinal properties, it’s action is very much dependent on the presence of other plant compounds.

In a study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology (2011), scientists described how the side effects of THC change based on what compounds accompany the THC into the bloodstream.[1]Russo E. B. (2011). Taming THC: potential cannabis synergy and phytocannabinoid-terpenoid entourage effects. British journal of pharmacology, 163(7), 1344–1364. … Continue reading

Many consumers suffer from increased anxiety or paranoia after consuming THC. But scientists showed that these adverse side effects often diminish when other minor cannabinoids and plant terpenes accompany the THC. Moreover, this statistic highlights the importance of using a full-extract concentrate where possible.

Some Precautions When Smoking Moonrocks

Moon rocks are likely to provide a very intense effect for the uninitiated. Remember that a little goes a long way, and it’s best to consume them in a place where you feel comfortable and safe to relax. Due to their high potency, drink plenty of water, go slow, and absolve yourself of responsibilities after consuming them. With such potent doses, few are in the mood to do very much after medicating with moon rocks.


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