Ten Ways to Love Your Doggo with the Gift of Wellness

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How many times have you exclaimed, “I love my dog!”? Here are ten ways to show that love with CBD treats.

CBD may improve the quality of your dog’s life in a variety of ways. Whether your canine is slowing down due to age, adjusting to life outside the shelter, battling arthritis, or simply needs a little energy boost, CBD is a great way to naturally help. Here’s a list of ten ways to show the world “I love my dog!” with the help of a little CBD.

Pet owners across America have raved about brightness returning to their dogs’ eyes and the extra wags in their tails after starting CBD. Cannabis-based treatments for canines are increasingly approved by veterinarians and have earned the interest of the American Kennel Club, which is sponsoring further research into dogs and CBD.

1) Pure Kana’s Hemp Dog Treats (Small Dog) — Steak & Sweet Potato

One problem with buying dog treats is that many manufacturers try to unload “hemp” products as CBD. While CBD comes from hemp, they’re not the same. While hemp is a healthy and protein-rich material, its health benefits are not the same as CBD’s. If you’re someone who likes to proclaim, “I love my dog!” you’ll be glad to know that Pure Kana uses the same CBD process in its dog treats that it does with its CBD products for humans. That means high-quality CBD and third-party testing.

The small dog treats are slightly preferable to the company’s large dog treats because they offer a fine-toothed way to scale up the dosage of CBD. Each non-GMO treat contains 1 mg of CBD, and helps anxious dogs relax. It’s especially nice when hosting company or traveling with your dog.

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2) PetHonesty Hemp Mobility Snacks Hip + Joint Support

If your dog suffers from arthritis — or is likely to in the future (looking at you, Labradors), a little bit of mobility support can go a long way to keeping them in high spirits throughout their middle age and “golden years.”

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3) Honest Paws Hemp Oil for Dogs

Honest Paws offers a full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs that is third-party tested and soy-free. It also comes in three levels, allowing owners to proclaim “I love my dog!” at different strengths depending on their dog’s size and needs. If you’re looking to treat your dog with real CBD medicine, this is a great and easy way to get started.

4) Paw CBD Balm

This veterinarian-formulated salve is perfect for dogs who have dermatological issues or pay a little too much attention to their surgery scars. If your dog is licking one area too much or constantly itching, a little bit of soothing CBD topical balm help with the pain. This salve will help allow your dog to get back to normal. The balm is third-party tested, American-made, and uses full-spectrum CBD.

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5) Canna-Pet Full-Spectrum CBD Supplements Advanced Max

Saying “I love my dog” is perhaps no more gut-wrenching than when they’re diagnosed with a terrible disease, such as cancer. For those occasions, it’s nice to have a safe and natural way to help your best friend without sacrificing their livelihood. That’s exactly what high-CBD products like Canna-pet’s CBD Supplements Advanced Max do. With 510 mg of organic, full-spectrum hemp in every capsule, this medicine packs a wallop of care for physically ill or extremely anxious dogs.

6) Hemp Well’s Hemp Relief Dog Soft Chews

These tasty treats are made not only with CBD, but also contain additional Omega 3 fatty acids to help your dog’s overall health and happiness. The pesticide-free formula is fully made and manufactured in the USA and lab-tested for purity. Each treat contains 3 mg of CBD, making the dosing easy and incremental.

7) 4 Corners Cannabis Pet Tincture

American Veterinarian thought the award-winning 4 Corners Cannabis was good enough to mention on its website after it won the top prize from RAVE Reviews.  The Colorado-based company sells a full-spectrum tincture that’s perfect to drop into your dog’s mouth or onto their food. It comes in bottles ranging from 10 mg to 2,000 mg.

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8) Hemp My Pet Dog Biscuits

For those in love with their furry friend look no further than the Hemp Dog Biscuits from Hemp My Pet. Available in 2 mg or 5 mg per treat, the organic and delicious doggie snack is sure to be a hit with any canine. All treats are made from high-quality, lab-tested hemp.


9) RxLeaf CBD Peanut Butter Treats

What are the best dog treats for your best friend? The ones with the least amount of ingredients, of course. If you can recognize the words on the ingredient label, you know what you are buying. Further, this. helps you make good decisions for the overall nutrition of your pet. Hemp seed, peanut butter, organic applesauce, brown rice – these are the things that make the best CBD dog treats, in our opinion.

Additionally, KOAL CBD Dog Treats have 5mg CBD isolate in every treat. We chose isolate because, while whole hemp extract has very little THC (0.3%), we want to ensure your dog is not exposed to a cannabinoid that is toxic to dogs.

10) CBDMD’s CBD Peanut Butter

You may love your dog intensely but your dog is thinking “I love peanut butter.” Now there’s a way to give your pet healthy and helpful CBD with ease. This CBD peanut butter isn’t only third-party tested, full-spectrum CBD, it’s also a deliciously good idea.

What to Know Before Buying

Look into picking a high-quality CBD for your dog. That means looking for organic CBD, if possible. At the minimum, buy a product that’s made without the use of pesticides. These can cause serious harm to your dog’s health.

CBD for dogs is here to stay. More veterinarians are seeing its benefits and recommending it to patients who want to do right by their dogs. A study published in Veterinary Surgery and Anesthesiology (2018), found CBD effectively manages symptoms of doggie arthritis.

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But treating dogs is not without risk. Importantly, dogs metabolize CBD at a different rate than humans. And  this puts them at a greater risk of getting THC toxicity from low-quality CBD products. If your dog begins drooling, vomiting, seizing, or shows disorientation after consuming any CBD product, call a veterinarian.

Those side effects are rare, and easily prevented by investing in high-quality, third-party tested products. Stick with a brand you trust.


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