Jim Belushi Talks Cannabis At Amsterdam CCC

Eoin Weldon October 23, 2019 0 comments

Farmer and advocate Jim Belushi is pumped to share his passion for cannabis at this year’s Cannabis Capital Convention.

At the end of October, the Cannabis Capital Convention (CCC) will deliver a wave of European cannabis investment opportunities to Amsterdam. On October 30th (2019), celebrity speakers, respected industry investors, and entrepreneurs will convene on this most inspiring of locales. It’s a rare opportunity to sit and listen as Jim Belushi talks cannabis while igniting the excitement of the green wave.

Building on the enormous success of 2018, this year’s theme is the ‘world wide wave‘ of legalization. With emphasis on upcoming changes to the European market, the spotlight is on investment opportunities. The CCC will play host to some of the leading minds of legalized markets but the big draw will be knowledge sharing.

CCC Welcomes Cannabis Industry Stars 

The Dutch capital and host city has a well-documented history with cannabis. So, this makes it the perfect spot to warmly welcome an array of big names from the cannabis world.

On the list of confirmed speakers, a few names stand out: DJ and cannabis advocate, Chelsea Leyland; big time cannabis investor, Richard Kilstock; research leader, Prof. Renger Witkamp; and experienced entrepreneurs, Diederik van der Reiju and Paul King of Cannafornia Farms.

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However, the star attraction and “Guest of Honor” is a name many recognize from Hollywood, Jim Belushi. This indie genius has been an audience favorite on screen and on stage for over thirty years. Belushi is a prolific character actor as well as a gifted musician. He is lead singer of The Sacred Hearts Band. But, perhaps the most interesting of career evolutions has turned this mega star into an important cannabis advocate and dedicated farmer.

Jim Belushi and his cannabis
Photo Credit: https://katu.com

Jim Belushi is a Spiritual Cannabis Farmer

An outspoken supporter of the plant’s health benefits, Belushi is the founder of Belushi Farms in the state of Oregon. It is a beautiful, sprawling ninety-three-acre property on the banks of the Rogue River where you will find only the most dedicated of growers. Captain Jack is one of these. The Captain has been a renowned grower since the 70s and, interestingly, the “backstage friend” of the Saturday Night Live writers. He even dedicated his meticulously cultivated strain, Gulzar Afghanica, to the crew with the moniker, “The Smell of SNL.”

Growing copious amounts of medical and recreational cannabis at this location isn’t really about the money for Belushi. It’s much more of a spiritual affair for the actor. “I believe so deeply in the spirit and medicine cannabis offers in healing our families, communities and the world,” he says on the Belushi Farms website. “So, I decided to let the Spirit of the Land and the Water Spirit of the Rogue River irrigate and grow this powerful cannabis medicine.”

The Motive Behind Jim’s Cannabis Farm

These are the words of someone deeply connected to the plant and its ability to heal. Unsurprisingly, Belushi is an active advocate for medial cannabis patients and their right to have total access to cannabis. Following the devastating loss of his actor brother, John Belushi, to a heroin overdose in 1982, he embarked on a journey of learning and healing through the growing of cannabis. Belushi believes his brother would still be alive today if cannabis was a recognized medicine in the 70s.

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Helping those who truly need this medicine is a clear motive for Belushi not to mention his total passion for growing the plant. “This land, this river and its cannabis ground me and have opened my heart to even more compassion and empathy to people struggling in this world,” said the 65-year-old Chicagoan.

“Whether it’s an opiate addict, a veteran with PTSD, a grandmother who is suffering from cancer. Nine to fivers who suffer from headaches, sleepless nights, anxiety or pain. Or a mother and a father who traumatically suffer through their child’s seizures, one after another. This place is a guardian for the wellness of the plant. A wellness that enhances creativity, the taste of food, the richness of music, and the touch of your lover’s skin. It brings joy, euphoria, releases endorphins, laughter, and brings peace to relationships.”

Belushi No Stranger to Big Cannabis Events

As the keynote speaker at the CCC, the star of 80s hits K-9 and Red Heat, is familiar with talking at big cannabis events. And smaller ones too, for that matter. Every Fall in Oregon, Belushi Farms welcomes a variety of members from the Oregon cannabis community for the annual harvest party. On a larger scale, he also hosted the 2018 High Times 100, which recognizes the most influential people in cannabis. More recently, he appeared as an honored guest at the Cannabis-Wellness Luncheon in Los Angeles. There he delivered an inspiring and heartfelt speech on how the plant has changed him as a man. Also, he mentioned how helping others is the motivation behind running Belushi Farms.
Jim Belushi performing as a blues brother, scheduled to be at the CCC in october

Learning From Other Legalized Markets

The Cannabis Capital Convention (2019) will showcase in-depth discussions about the lessons learned (good and bad) by legalized countries. Furthermore, the knowledge of North American cannabis investors will be most welcome in Amsterdam. This welcome information will be accompanied by the wise and durable veterans of the European market.
Conference attendees will have the chance to gain insight into how European cannabis companies have not only survived but thrived, despite doing business in a legal grey area. Furthermore, a special focus will be placed on what investment opportunities will surface as cannabis is gradually legalized throughout Europe.

Giving Cannabis Start-Ups a Chance

The convention provides an amazing opportunity for inventors and innovators in the cannabis industry. They will have a chance to rub shoulders with established and seasoned cannabis investors. Organized ‘meet and greets’ will also help people sell their product/service.
Reinforcing the CCC’s commitment to giving new cannabis business a chance is the Pitch Lab, a new segment at this year’s event. Those behind cannabis startups can present ideas and visions to potential investors. So, anyone guiding the rudder of legal cannabis startup would be wise to attend.
The CCC is an unique event which allows budding business people (pun intended) to interact with serious investors. These investors are established and actively seeking new opportunities. Additionally, investments and business aside, the CCC is just a fantastic platform for activists, farmers, and professionals to celebrate all the good that cannabis can do in this world. Europe will be a greener place after the “world wide wave” of cannabis legalization washes over it.