Skin Care for Men Just Revved up with CBD Products

Matt Weeks September 17, 2020 0 comments

There’s no shame in the grooming game and skin care for men is now getting the CBD treatment.

Cannabidiol allows for an entirely new range of benefits and effectiveness for skin care. It’s causing many men to think about developing a skin care routine for the first time.

Skin care for men has never been about smelling good or looking dazzling. It’s about products that do the hard work of protecting the face, while keeping it healthy, fixing skin issues, and repairing damage. Luckily, CBD has arrived to help do all three at once.

How Does CBD Work?

It’s easy to trust that CBD will do something. Anyone’s who taken CBD for anxiety can attest that the substance seems to be doing something –  a low key calm in a quick and easy way without side effects.

But, what happens when you apply it to your face? Surely, slathering CBD on the face isn’t going to provide the same sort of chilled-out feeling that oils and gummies offer.

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Instead of interacting with cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system (mostly the brain and gut) to keep tempers cool and minds at peace, topical CBD remedies work with receptors in the epidermal layer to help nourish, fortify, and address symptoms of disorders localized to the body’s largest organ: the skin.

You can think of it like putting tobacco on a bee sting. It doesn’t get you hooked on smoking, but it does draw out some venom and help with swelling. CBD doesn’t act the same on the skin as it does inside the body, and that’s important to know.

How CBD Helps Skin Care for Men

Instead of calming your nerves, topical CBD applications calm the skin.

The same anti-inflammatory properties that make it good for pain also help soothe the skin. Nearly any skin inflammation, such as psoriasis, can be calmed quickly with CBD.

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Of course, most products in the CBD skin care for men line aren’t about treating wounds or disorders. Instead, they’re mostly preventative and restorative products like moisturizers. In fact, CBD is moisturizing on its own, and is a great way to keep facial skin full of moisture without clogging pores.


What is CBD Good For?

CBD may help dry skin, rashes, and eczema as well. But because it’s so moisturizing, it also blocks oil production. That makes it one of the rare products that works well for both dry and oily skin types. CBD also has powerful antibacterial and analgesic properties, helping the skin to stay clean and healthy.

Perhaps best of all, CBD is chock full of antioxidants, which can do wonders for keeping skin looking and feeling younger while protecting it from future damages.

CBD has great protective and overall healthy powers — but it can also handle specific problems. If you have a particular disorder, like dry skin or foot fungus, look for CBD products formulated to help with that. There are even CBD eye creams specifically designed to reduce puffiness or the racoon look.

Or, if you’re just looking to break into a better skin care routine, you can’t go wrong with an everyday moisturizer — be sure to choose one with both sun protection and CBD.

While CBD can do all of this, it’s doesn’t often take solo billing in the skin care show. The best bet for buying CBD skin care products is to find an oil, cream, or lotion that has CBD in addition to other active ingredients such as retinol, menthol, and aloe. CBD is more effective as part of a team.

How to Choose the Right CBD Product

Don’t be fooled. Not every product with CBD is going to work well. It depends on the amount and quality of the CBD included.

You can check out the amount of CBD by reading the list of ingredients. The law requires manufacturers to print ingredients by percentage in the final product, so be sure to choose a product with CBD close to the top. If there are more than five ingredients listed in front of CBD, skip the bottle and move onto another brand.

If possible, it’s also important to gauge the quality of the CBD in the product. Some manufacturers provide links to third-party testing results so you can judge the efficacy for yourself. Unfortunately, this is more the exception than the rule in the realm of skin care for men. But, stick to the lab verified products, if you can.

CBD Oil  – Not Hemp Oil

A more efficient way to judge CBD quality is make sure the label says “CBD oil” and not “hemp oil.”

While they would seem to mean the same thing, there’s a big difference in how producers use the words. Hemp oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant and contains very little actual CBD. It’s made-up mostly of other cannabinoids. These can be beneficial too, but are not the active ingredient that’s getting all the buzz.

When products feature “CBD oil” it means oil diffused from the entire hemp plant, which provides much better access to CBD. Don’t let false advertising fool you – go with “CBD oil” every time.

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Products Beyond Facial Cleansers

While a good amount of skin care is focused on the face, skin care for men goes well beyond your grizzly mug.

CBD skin care products can help skin rashes, acne flare ups, bug bites, and eczema. As a bonus, some CBD topicals may address skin issues and muscle aches at the same time. So, if your knee brace left your leg puffy and red and your quads aching, you could solve all those problems at once.

How’s that for a good deal?

The trick is to pick a product with high-quality CBD — and don’t be afraid to spend money. The best CBD doesn’t come cheap, and skin care is a high-dollar market.

But, don’t be discouraged. Even though the tubes and creams seem small, they last for a long time. A little goes a long way. Now, go out there and start looking better.

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