Seizures and Migraines That Wouldn’t Stop Until Cannabis

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Steve was able to completely stop his violent, body harming seizures and migraines after starting cannabis medicine.

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“In high school, my chronic migraines got very bad – 40 to 80 of them a year. They would always start with this uneasy feeling, then I would notice the blind spot in my right eye,  followed by numbness in my hands, legs and tongue, some nausea, and the feeling of something trying to push my eyes out of my head from behind.

For years I tried every over-the-counter drugs and many prescription drugs, including Maxalt and Imitrex. These would help some, but never quite took the pain.

In my early 20’s I started having nocturnal seizures every few months, which my neurologist believes are linked to the migraines.  I’d wake up covered in blood from the tongue wounds and cheek bites.

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Seizures AND Migraines? Yikes.

The seizures would get my whole body sore from the shaking. Later, this resulted in massive joint and tissue damage to my right shoulder. I had five dislocations in under a year, each requiring surgery to fix.

Toward my 20s, I started smoking cannabis.

It made a tremendous difference in the frequency of my migraines.

My neurologist wasn’t willing to give me my medical cannabis card even though the Levetiracetam wasn’t working to stop the seizures and migraines, just left me feeling like a zombie 14 hours a day.  I asked to see another doctor who gladly gave me recommendation for the seizures and migraines.

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Since starting the medical grade cannabis (and cleaning up my diet of junk food), the migraines dropped to only a few a year. The seizures and migraines have gone away completely, 24 months and counting.

What Strains?

I find that all strains have benefit for me. I personally prefer the sativa with high CBD, CBN, and THCV. I tend to mix strains together to get my 0.5 to 1 gram per day.

sativa, cannabis, seizures, tongue wounds, cheek wounds, THC, CBD, Sativex, epilepsy, prescription, legalization

What Methods of Consumption Does Steve Use for Seizures and Migraines?

I find the bong is the best way for me. Vaping and dabbing is too expensive and the effects seem to be shorter.  Edibles have never had any effect on my conditions, even when adding decarbed infused coconut oil directly to my coffee. I have yet to try topicals or tinctures yet.

Cannabis allows me to live a normal life without fear of blinding pain or waking up bloody!