THCa Diamonds Are More Than a Girl’s Best Friend

Lydia K. RN February 14, 2019 0 comments

THCa Diamonds can be taken raw or heated – And will likely be the purest cannabis you’ve ever tried.

Humankind has been fascinated with carbon diamonds for thousands of years and cannabis diamonds are attracting a similar fascination. One can easily spot these immaculately cut amber-colored crystals lining the shelves of cannabis dispensaries. THCa diamonds are actually a close visual match to the real thing. You can also be prepared to pay a pretty price for their heady effects.

What are THCa Diamonds?

Guild Extracts are behind the invention of the purest form of THCa, at 99.97% purity levels. THCa stands for tetrahydrocannabinolic acids. It is the acidic non psychoactive precursor of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). When THCa is subjected to heat, it undergoes decarboxylation and converts to the psychoactive compound, THC. Most people are familiar with THC and its therapeutic and recreational properties. Due to this focus, THCa has unfortunately been relegated to the sidelines as a mere step on the path to creating THC. But, new research is showing that THCa has a lot to offer in and of itself as a therapeutic compound.

As for the diamonds, this just describes the appearance of THCa in its purest crystalline form, after undergoing a “mining” process which we shall look at below.

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THCa Mining

Cannabis extract can be solid, semi-solid, or liquid form. Diamond mining refers to the process of separating the cannabis extract to obtain cannabinoid crystals and a sauce made of terps.

To obtain THCa diamonds, you first need to extract BHO from cured buds; alternatively, you can use live resin. To make it in this process, pour the resin into a pressurized jar that is above room temperature. Close the jar. Then, place the jar in a dark room. This step is a separation phase. In it, the liquefied terpenes separate from the cannabinoid crystals. Leave the jar in the dark between two to three weeks. Try to resist the urge to bring it into the light for a look!

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At the end, you can expect to see a crystal at the bottom of the jar as the terps float above. Once this has formed, you can pour out the liquid to purge the two separately. The THCa crystals will take about 72 hours to complete this process. Some people add hydrocarbons, such as pentane, to remove any residual solvent and make the crystals even bigger.

diamonds, THCa, THCa diamonds, cannabis, isolate, cannabinoids, raw cannabinoids, health benefits, THC, THCa crystals

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But remember, that the size of the crystal does not necessarily indicate the purity of the THCa. Sometimes it just tells the story of the crystallization process that the diamond went through.

Will I Get High on THCa?

There you have your perfect diamond crystals, ready to vape right? Before you do that, remember that THCa will not give you a high, unless you subject it to heat to undergo decarboxylation. Once you vape, it will convert to THC.

Another medicinal consideration is that pure crystalline THCa has no terpene profile. This means that you will miss out on the flavorful aromas and healing medicine that terpenes bring into the entourage effect.

You can take THCa diamonds (crystals) orally in raw form to access the healing benefits of THCa. Patients can mix raw THCa into a sauce or smoothie.

diamonds, THCa, THCa diamonds, cannabis, isolate, cannabinoids, raw cannabinoids, health benefits, THC, terpenes

Benefits of THCa Diamonds

Research shows THCa may have anti inflammatory properties in the treatment of lupus and arthritis. Further, it may have neuroprotective properties, which are generally useful in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. It has also shown anti-proliferative properties similar to those observed with THC. Lastly, it has anti-emetic properties and can be useful in controlling nausea and vomiting symptoms post chemotherapy. There is a current investigation on the use of THCa for the treatment and control of prostate cancer in vitro and in vivo. In order to potentially receive any of these benefits, some consumers drink raw cannabis juice, as well.

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THCa diamonds make perfect precursors for THC because they can produce the purest form of THC. THCa has the reputation of the purest dab, leaving the consumer with what has anecdotally been called a “pain-free crystal clear euphoria.” For patients requiring exact THC dosages or for those on THC isolate, these diamonds make the best precursors.

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