Try a Cannabis Bath Bomb For Your Skin

Jessica McKeil May 9, 2019 0 comments

The cannabis bath bomb is rising to the top of the  #bathbombing craze, and with good reason

You’ve seen the videos on social media. Two legs, a bathtub, and a bath bomb combined into one mesmerizing bath time video experience. Bubbly, fizzy, and relaxing, bath bombs are a daily or weekly ritual for some, and a full obsession for others. If you’ve been a bath bomb follower for a while now, you may have seen a new trend popping up in your feed – the cannabis bath bomb. What’s the low-down on this therapeutic ingredient? Do the suds truly boost the relaxing and soothing characteristics of your bath?

If you still aren’t familiar with the bath bomb trend, you’ve likely never stumbled upon the #bathbombing hashtag. Bath bombs are made up of a perfect union of ingredients: one part science experiment, one part soothing compounds. Once thrown into the bath water, the science experiment gets to work. The sodium bicarbonate and citric acid react (safely) to create the fizz. As the bomb dissolves into your bathwater, it also releases the other ingredients – bath salts, essential oils, moisturizers, colors, and sometimes even glitter. Yes, glitter. Relaxation with a bit of flare.

With the excitement building around cannabis-infused cosmetics, it was only a matter of time before it infiltrated the bath bomb market.  But can you reap the therapeutic benefits from cannabis through a simple bath time ritual like a cannabis bath bomb? Let’s find out.

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Classifying Cannabis Bath Bombs

There is nothing quite as delicious as pairing a steamy bath and a perfectly rolled joint. It’s a sure fire way to unwind and rejuvenate after a long day at the office or on the road. But can the same relaxing and soothing properties transmit via bath bomb? Most people consume cannabis through three main methods: ingestion, inhalation, and topical preparations. A bath bomb would classify under the topical application.

Most of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis come from compounds called cannabinoids (terpenes as well, but more on those here). Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are linked to dozens of different medical benefits ranging from digestive aid to pain relief to migraines. The most common reasons why people use cannabis therapeutically (according to patient registration records) is to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, chronic pain, and the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

Topicals vs Edibles, Joints, and Vapes

But the benefits of cannabis bath bombs versus those from a joint, vape pen, or edible are slightly different. For example, a bath bomb probably won’t have much effect on nausea and vomiting. When ingested or inhaled, the cannabinoids enter into the bloodstream which carries them through the body (to the brain, the central nervous system, etc). Eventually, they encounter an endocannabinoid receptor and get to work influencing certain aspects of our mind and body.  Topical preparations, including those absorbed from a cannabis-infused bath, work slightly differently.

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Anything applied topically (on the surface of your skin) does not permeate the blood barrier. For those bath bombing, it means the cannabinoids only interact with the endocannabinoid system as it exists in your skin. Your skin contains both types of endocannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. So, the cannabinoids from topical solutions – including cannabis bath bombs – may provide relief to sore muscles, skin irritations, and inflammation. Essentially, the medical conditions that are skin deep.

Who Benefits From a Cannabis Bath Bomb?

There are (of course) no clinical studies about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis bath bombs on the human body. It’s likely there aren’t even any studies on conventional bath bombs either (we couldn’t find any at the time of writing – though plenty on bathing!). What we can rely on, however, are studies about topical cannabis preparations. From these, we can develop a few theories.

In one study, exploring topical cannabis on an animal model of pain, researchers discovered the preparation significantly reduced the lab rats’ measurable experience of pain. In other studies, topical cannabinoids seemed to target acne. Still, more research has proposed a topical application of the plant for wound pain.

So the preliminary evidence is out there. When applied on human skin, cannabis may have beneficial properties. Taking what researchers have discovered thus far about topical cannabis and throwing it into the bath water might not be a bad idea.

cannabis, cannabis infused bath bomb, CBD, THC, relaxation, health benefits, bath bombs, essential oils, skin conditions, skin irritants

Finding the Perfect Cannabis Infused Bath Bomb

If you have sensitive skin or suffer from skin irritation like psoriasis or dermatitis, bath bombs may not be suitable. While the two fizzy ingredients in bath bombs are safe, they can trigger further irritation. It may be best to use cannabis infused in lotions, balms, and oils instead of a fizzy bath bomb.

That said, some cannabis cosmetic infused companies are doing it right. Companies like Hari Om Hemp. With natural ingredients, natural dyes (or none at all), and absolutely no glitter, their bath bombs deliver soothing benefits with no additional irritation.

Soaking in CBD infused bath salts, or a cannabis bath bomb may help reduce muscle aches and pains and joint inflammation. There may also be a case for specific bath bomb preparations for minor skin irritations. Sourcing high quality, natural cannabis bath bombs from the likes of Hari Om Hemp and other reputable resources is the best bet to getting the most benefits.

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