Celebrate the Big B-Day with These Unique Cannabis Birthday Gifts

RxLeaf June 17, 2021 0 comments

Four excellent ideas for the best cannabis birthday gift.

Whether you are scouring the internet for the best 40th birthday gift ideas or trying to show your favorite cannabis-loving friend some love, this list of four comprise the best gifts for cannabis lovers. Truly, getting someone a birthday gift is a great way to show how much you appreciate them. Not to mention, it gives you a chance to impress with your incredible gift-giving abilities plus honor their commitment to a healthy cannabis lifestyle.

While some people are easy to buy for, how can you say the most meaningful ‘happy birthday’ to the cannabis lover in your life? While you could drop by the local dispensary and pick up some of their favorite flower, there are definitely more creative and memorable ways to celebrate the big day!

We looked high and low, and these are some of the top picks for the best cannabis birthday gifts. Without any further ado, let’s go over some unusual and great birthday gifts for the cannabis fans in your life.

Cannabis Subscription Box

You don’t even need to search ‘find a head shop near me’ for this one. Can you imagine the thrill of getting a new smoking subscription box every month? These range from actual bud and infused products, including concentrate options (in legal regions) to various head shop type items and cannabis consumption novelties.

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One of the most creative options to consider is a smoking subscription box from Me Time Box. Perfect name for a box that comes packed with different accessories that your birthday recipient is sure to love. These include glass pieces, grinders, premium rolling papers, rolling trays, one hitters and other items that they will definitely put to good use.

Importantly, you can simply buy a single box if your budget is not up for a monthly smoking subscription box. You’ll be a hero either way. Each box is stocked with different cannabis-related goodies arriving at their door each and every month. And don’t worry, companies know that their boxes should arrive looking discreet. Whether that be to dampen the allure for porch pirates, or keep your business from the prying eyes of neighbors, check with the company you purchase from on their ‘discretion policy’.

cannabis birthday represented by mailbox and card

Carrying or Storage Case is an Original Cannabis Birthday Gift

Two of the more challenging things about being a cannabis lover are trying to properly store and discreetly transport cannabis. If you just toss everything into a bag, it can be hard to find what you need, impossible to carry, and has a smell that follows you wherever you go. Truthfully, finding a good place to store everything can be a nightmare. But, you can solve that with one of the best cannabis birthday gifts: proper storage for cannabis gear.  

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Finding the right carrying or storage case, one that is unique yet functional, is easily solved on Etsy. Seriously love that  online platform! Search for ‘cannabis storage’ or ‘cannabis carrying case’ and a bunch of one-of-a-kind options will tempt your wallet. Maybe this is a great time to treat yourself too!

In the end, this cannabis birthday gift will be the gift that keeps giving. It will give your cannabis lover a great place to keep items organized, plus make it easy to take their stash everywhere. Make sure your final selection is smell-proof, though. While we think one of the best things about cannabis is the dank smell, sometimes it’s not appropriate to be advertising. Finally, cannabis degrades over time, especially when exposed to heat and light. So, help keep your friend’s weed in the right conditions with a well chosen cannabis storage case.  

Vape Pen, Bong, or Glass Pipe as a Keepsake Cannabis Birthday Gift

Consider how your cannabis loving friend likes to smoke, then choose a shiny new vape pen, bong or pipe. If someone likes to keep things discreet, an attractive dry vape pen could be the right choice. If they like to show off their favorite medicine, a large and brightly-colored bong could be a better choice. 

These can all come in various different sizes, colors, shapes and levels of quality. Some may have features that others don’t as well. The options are endless, and you are sure to find something your friend absolutely adores. We recommend shopping in person on this one. Check your local head shops. What is a head shop, you ask? That’s a magical place where you can buy all sorts of cannabis gear. 

One of our top suggestions for the cannabis connoisseur is a hand blown pipe or bong. These are so much more than functional smoking devices; these are works of art. In fact, glass blowing is a big part of the cannabis scene and getting ahold of an original could be a really special piece to connect you to your friend forever.

cannabis birthday represented by cupcake edibles

Cannabis Cookbooks for the Edibles Lover

In a previous article, we already did a run-down on our favorite edibles cookbooks. Be sure to check that out. These are the perfect balance of sweet and savoury – something for every budding cannabis chef. 

While there are several different ways that cannabis can be consumed, edibles are one of the most popular. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, the effects are often heightened and last longer. Also, edibles are great for people who want to consume discreetly or for whom cannot smoking or vaping is bothersome.

It’s true that you could simply go and pick up some edibles to give to your friend (great present topper!), but why not help them gain the ability to make their own? There are several different cannabis cookbooks to help people create savory dishes, sweet treats, and even beverages. Cannabis cookbooks are the perfect reference to help your cannabis birthday buddy make delicious, medicated meals on their own.  

So, that’s it! Now you simply have to choose. Really, any of these unique gifts are sure to be the spotlight of a cannabis birthday! You’re such a great friend!