Bring on the Alcohol Free CBD Drink that You Can Actually Feel

Jessica McKeil September 3, 2020 1 comment

This could be the very best alcohol alternative we’ve ever found.

Straight from the mouth of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Drinking too much can harm your health.” Although you may have read about the benefits of red wine in sensational headlines, the scientific consensus is the exact opposite. Alcohol is truly detrimental to human health. Many studies indicate there is no safe level of alcohol. It’s why more and more people are moving towards an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Part of this social shift has come to fruition through the rise of mocktail culture. Mocktails promise no alcohol, but they don’t deliver any of the relaxing effects that lead people towards alcohol in the first place. Mocktails may mimic the flavors of a true-cocktail, but they provide zero experiential benefits. Well, check this out.

Hemp You Can Feel™ promises a refreshing alternative to alcoholic beverages that deliver on taste and experience. Thanks to their use of an Israeli company’s patented honey bee technology, you can finally replace your next stiff drink with a hemp-based one. For those passionate about healthy living, this is the alcohol-free alternative you’ve been waiting for.

alcohol free hemp you can feel hibiscus and mint lemon drink

The Problem with Alcohol in America

Alcohol is dangerous and costly. As per the CDC, alcohol causes nearly $250 billion in annual economic costs. That equals $2.05 for every drink sold. Furthermore, excessive consumption in America is directly related to 93,000 deaths and the onset of serious medical conditions like liver disease, cancer, and others. Because of the impacts on health, the CDC estimates that excessive drinking actually shortens lifespan by nearly 30 years.

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Today, we know much more about the economic and health-related costs to alcohol, but consumption is going up across America. According to an Associated Press report in 2020, Americans are drinking far more than ever before. The latest stats suggest the average person drinks 2.3 gallons per year, which equals about nine drinks a week. Unsurprisingly, related emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and deaths are also going up.

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The shocking statistics on consumption and adverse events aren’t enough to dissuade many people from tossing back beer after beer. True, “Dry January” and “Sober October” are now annual resets for many Americans, but the allure of alcohol is intense. There is no denying that alcohol provides temporary relief from stress and anxiety, even if continued reliance on the substance is hugely detrimental.

If you’ve ever poured yourself a glass of wine after an exceptionally hectic day at work, you’ll deeply understand the promise of alcohol. Mocktails and alcohol-free replacements only offer so much, but they have struggled to deliver the end-of-day stress relief people are looking for.

alcohol free hemp you can feel drink in women's hands

The Same Relaxing Effects, Free of Alcohol

Hemp You Can Feel™ Cocktail Mixers delivers an experience quite unlike the mocktail-alternatives sitting untouched in your liquor cabinet. Hemp You Can Feel™ uses an extraordinary new technology, developed and patented by an Israeli company. Basically, the process relies on honey bees changing the hemp. Nature’s busiest workers help turn hemp oil into a sweet and entirely water-soluble extract. This unique process is revolutionizing the way we experience hemp and CBD drinks.

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Honey bees usually transform nectar into honey through enzymes within their special ‘honey stomach.’ But an Israeli company developed a way to use this power to process hemp oil. The result is a powdered honey-based sweetener containing the valuable compounds from the hemp plant.

The Hemp You Can Feel™ explain, “With true water solubility, we only need to provide less than 1 milligram of hemp extract per serving.” And that single milligram delivers a unique experience, unlike most other CBD edibles you may have tried. With Hemp You Can Feel™ Cocktail Mixers, a little goes a long way.

As Arman Tabatabaei, the CEO at Cannabis Global Inc (parent company to Hemp You Can Feel™), stated, “It actually works.” In a conversation with RxLeaf, he explained that a drink made with their hemp-based Cocktail Mixers mimics the relaxing sensations of a cocktail. By your second drink, it may even be time to take a nap. In his experience, “Once you’ve had two of these, you really feel like you’ve had a margarita.”

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Thanks to the all-natural extraction process that requires no chemicals, these cocktail mixers finally replace the stress relief provided by a glass of wine or a cold beer. Most importantly, they do so without any short or long term health effects caused by alcohol. It is finally the alcohol-free cocktail people have craved.

alcohol free hemp you can feel cosmopolitan drink

Boost Your Next Cocktail Party with Alcohol-Free Cocktail Mixers

Hemp You Can Feel™ has launched three flavors in their line of innovative hemp extract Cocktail Mixers. With CBD drink flavors, including Jalapeno Margarita, Hibiscus Mint Lemon, and Cosmopolitan, these Cocktail Mixers deliver real results that you can actually feel.

According to a 2019 customer survey, 95 percent of participants reported better health with Hemp You Can Feel™ products. The proprietary technology developed by the Israeli company transforms hard to absorb hemp extract into a super-water soluble solution. It’s finally offering a real alternative to alcohol, and one which not only replaces a tasty cocktail but also delivers on stress relief.

What’s the best way to enjoy Hemp You Can Feel™ Cocktail Mixers? Pour one ounce of your favorite flavor over a glass of ice. Top with sparkling water, and enjoy. Expect CBD benefits you can actually feel.

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  1. Wow, this is actually an interesting product. For the first time I hear about cocktail CBD, although I myself work in this niche. It sounds interesting, but it’s also interesting how it will affect the body and what will be needed for such a cocktail. I really like that the product is natural and does not contain any chemical additives.