Study Says Men Who Consume Cannabis are Better in Bed

Jessica McKeil April 25, 2019 0 comments

Could cannabis be the fast track to improving your sex life?

The convention about sex and cannabis is by now well established in popular culture. National media outlets like CNN, Global News, and Rolling Stone have all published articles exploring the link between cannabis use and a better sex life. Are men who smoke weed better in bed than their sober peers?  Is cannabis a novel tool for those wondering how to get better in bed?

Obviously, it’s hard to pinpoint precisely what makes someone better in the bedroom. However, whatever your own ideas about sex, many cannabis consumers can attest to the benefits of a little dose before date night. Cannabis, whether you know it or not, is moving into the bedroom. Both men and women are using it to make sex better – but is there scientific proof for this?

A Theory on Cannabis, the Endocannabinoid System, and Sexual Pleasure

The basic premise behind cannabis for increased sexual pleasure is the mechanism of action. Cannabis works with our endocannabinoid system, which manages pain, mood, and reproduction among many other bodily functions. On the surface, you can immediately see how cannabis could work to reduce aches, improve mood, and influence the function of reproductive organs for positive benefit.

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Cannabis, commonly used for relaxation, may also reduce anxieties around sex. It may reduce any sensations of discomfort during intercourse, and more generally boost mood. Most importantly, certain compounds in cannabis do mimic the bliss molecule (anandamide). Could this make sex more pleasurable? Despite the many personal reports, at the time of writing, there was minimal research linking cannabis use to enhanced sexual performance.

With that said, there are strong indications from qualitative studies to suggest people already use cannabis for improved sexual experiences. Here are a few interesting thoughts, pulled from these studies.

How to Get Better in Bed With Weed – What We Know

A 2016 qualitative analysis from New York University polled 24 adults about their recent use of cannabis before sex. Their insights into how cannabis affected both men and women’s physical and emotional experiences are fascinating.

When it came to bodily sensations, “A few females noted that increased sensitivity (or being more ‘tuned-into’ their sensations) on marijuana added to the sexual experience as touch felt better or they felt more (physically—which is why some said they preferred being caressed while high). Others mentioned that they felt more comfortable, mellow or at ease on marijuana, which may have allowed sensations to feel more intense.”

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Men report similar sensations. As one participant stated, “Any little touch is more arousing. The body sensations, particularly on sexual organs—it’s more of an intense sensation. I’d say everything just feels more sensitive…it’s more intense.”

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Via Ellementa; Foria Cannabis Lubricant

The authors also reported cannabis often made participants report themselves as more attractive than they normally would. The authors theorize this may boost confidence, and reduce performance anxiety. Which for some, may improve the overall activity.

Cannabis also seemed to extend the duration of sexual activity, according to those polled. As many reported, cannabis seemed to make time slow down. Both male and female participants said sex seemed to last longer with cannabis, even if it was only a perception. One person indicated sex lasted longer because the foreplay was sustained for longer.

Speaking of foreplay, it’s worth highlighting a final note from this study. As per the study: “Generally, marijuana use tended to be described as leading to more tender, slow, and compassionate sexual acts, and to involve more sensation and sensuality than alcohol.” Foreplay, for anyone still wondering, is the perfect place to focus if you are curious about how to get better in bed.

What Do Cannabis Infused Topicals and Lubes do for Sex?

Beyond merely smoking a joint before sexual activity, should men invest in THC or CBD infused lube products? If you haven’t noticed, cannabis is coming into the bedroom in more ways than one. And really, who doesn’t like an all natural lube?

Beyond the desire to avoid petrochemicals for intimate applications, there is evidence that cannabinoids improve sensations. The owner of Foria (a producer of sex-toys) stated to Rolling Stone magazine, “[Topical Cannabis] can support the arousal process by relaxing blood vessels.” Better blood flow means increased sensation, leading to improved stimulation of the area. Essentially it’ll induce more intense arousal – especially for women. Importantly, topical applications, including those used as lube, don’t make the user intoxicated.

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Is Cannabis the Answer to Improving Male Sexual Performance?

Are men better in bed thanks to cannabis? Even if the scientific evidence is lacking, the anecdotal evidence is pretty overwhelming. At the very least people report better sex after consuming cannabis, even if it’s only their perception which has changed and not their performance.

If you are a male reader wondering how to get better in bed, know this: cannabis might help reduce the sensation of pain, reduce performance anxieties, and improve confidence. Many cannabis enthusiasts also report it makes the entire sexual experience more intense. Your partner may benefit from a little dose of cannabis beforehand as well. Both of you may find the foreplay gets more exciting, the sensations more arousing, and the time seems to slip away. There might not be any hard facts yet, but the reports so far – at very least – are exciting.

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