Can Biodegradable Joint Tubes Make a Difference?

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Biodegradable packaging needs to become the norm in the cannabis industry, because we are drowning in plastic.

Here’s a sobering stat for lovers of the herb: one billion units of plastic waste, related to cannabis packaging, is dumped into landfill every year!

Let’s crunch the numbers on that plastic problem:

  • A single gram of flower comes wrapped in seventy grams of plastic waste.
  • One gram of wax comes in thirty grams of packaging.
  • A gram of flower comes in a four-gram Mylar bag.
*statistics supplied by Marijuana Packaging

Gross, right? Cannabis packaging is almost comically over the top – four to thirty times bigger than the weight of the products inside! Why would we need so much packaging? And why can’t we just all agree to go with the proverbial baggie? Well, there are a few legit reasons the baggie has not been embraced by legal cannabis. And we’ll get to those, but we need something much better. We need to focus a big effort on biodegradable packaging.


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biodegradable joint tube represented by specifications infographic

Barriers to Sustainable Packaging in the Cannabis Industry

In America, there are several barriers between the environmentally-conscious consumer and good recycling programs. This is exactly why so much packaging ends up in landfill. While most municipalities have a plastics recycling program, not all accept cannabis containers.

Additionally, black plastic, common to the industry, is a big challenge for recycling. Most legal regions have legislation stating that containers holding cannabis products must be completely opaque (can’t see through). Hence the black plastic. But, many cities rely on an automated machine to scan conveyor belts of plastic for sorting. And these machines cannot read black plastic, making many opaque cannabis containers non-recyclable.

It’s Hard to Properly Recycle Cannabis Packaging. It’s Not Just You.

In the end, it’s tough to find a recycling depot willing to accept cannabis packaging. Most consumers are directed toward their local dispensary, which hopefully has a recycling and repurposing program, but most do not.

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Therefore, it’s left up to the customer —first to determine if it’s biodegradable packaging or if it’s recyclable. Then they have to figure out where to drop it off. Frankly, no one is going to do that.

It’s time for a better cannabis packaging solution. This is why it is very important that companies take the lead on solving the sustainable packaging issue. And Marijuana Packaging is doing just that. With biodegradable packaging that is eco-friendly, while still meeting strict regulations on odor, childproofing, and more. In fact, they are the first to introduce biodegradable joint tubes. And for that, we love them.

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biodegradable joint tube represented by child proof certifications of tube

Government Cannabis Packaging Regulations are Tricky

Companies are not wasteful by choice. It has to do with the strict packaging rules that come from regulatory bodies like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in the U.S. Among other regulations, containers must be waterproof, childproof, and odor proof. And here we are – most important reason why the baggie is not going to cut it.

Compliancy rules for child proofing are many, including the fact that containers must be difficult for a child under five years old to open, but not too difficult for adults. That’s a demand that biodegradable joint tubes have met with their fully child resistant squeeze and pop cap.

Biodegradable Joint Tubes: What if You Didn’t Have to Recycle

We’d like to shine a little spotlight on an industry leader for building sustainability into their corporate practices. This is the first-ever line of biodegradable joint tubes. It’s an affordable, green solution that guarantees that neither the producer nor the consumer take on additional costs to protect the environment.

This innovation in biodegradable packaging means you don’t have to sacrifice a thing. It holds a regular 116mmm joint and pops open, just like the standard, polluting doob tubes already on the market. These ones, however, are made from non-toxic bio-blend resins (plant-based polymers and recyclable polypropylene) and are 95% biodegradable in 241 days (ASTM D5511 testing).

Even with all of these eco-friendly features, the shelf life of these biodegradable pre-roll tubes is not affected. It’s not going to start to degrade while it’s sitting in your pocket or on your shelf. And that is impressive!

Biodegradable Joint Tubes are a One Product Revolution

So what’s next? Any changes to the rules around cannabis packaging are a long way off. But, that doesn’t mean the industry has to fall in line with bad corporate practices. Marijauna Packaging isn’t waiting on regulatory changes. They are innovating and creating even more sustainable packaging solutions.

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Now, retailers need to step up and follow their lead. Here are biodegradable joint tubes that sacrifice nothing for the consumer experience, but offer a solution to a very significant plastic problem. As a consumer, you need to do your part too – and choose companies with a high sustainability profile.

Can one biodegradable joint tube make a difference? Yes. Because in taking the risk on sustainable product development, Marijuana Packaging has demonstrated that we can all do so much better. They have proven that you can create an affordable, sustainable packaging option. The possibilities are limitless. So, be inspired. Be innovative. Be a responsible consumer.

About the Company, Marijuana Packaging

The company offers the largest range of products with the most competitive pricing in the industry. You can check out their newly designed website here. Shop with ease and expect same day shipping on 90% of their products. Whether you need a little or a lot, a dedicated account manager will customize your inventory forecast so your customers never run out of stock. Additionally, facilities offer warehousing and 3PL services.

Their experienced design team has in-house printing capabilities. That means no delays and no miscommunication moving from one packaging company to a different print company. Further, Marijuana Packaging can deliver custom packaging on a wide selection of products, including patented packaging that you can’t find anywhere else. And most importantly, they are working hard to make so many of these options biodegradable and non damaging to the planet. That’s a corporate responsibility that we all need to embrace in this cannabis industry.

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