Bipolar Disorder Treated With Cannabis – Off Pharma For 14 Years!

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Two bipolar patients give up traditional pharmaceuticals for cannabis.

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Richard: I’ve been pharmaceutical free for a long time now, and my psychiatrist is now recommending full extract CBD oil to other patients.

My name is Richard and I’ve been using cannabis to treat bipolar disorder and acute anxiety disorder (both social and generalized) with great success. People say I also have a very active mind… some might say ADHD. I use 200 mg of CBD oil daily and I’m now clear and focused. Even able to stay on task without problems.

I’ve been pharmaceutical-free for 14 months and have been stable for that whole period: no manic episodes or depression. My anxiety is well managed and I’m now living a life I could not have imagined 2 short years ago.  My psychiatrist is amazed with how successful my experiment with cannabis therapy has been. In fact, he’s now recommending it as a treatment for other patients!

Richard’s Recommended Strains for Bipolar Disorder:

The strains I use are: Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough, Sour OG, Strawberry Diesel, Sour Diesel. I find Very Berry Haze to be an excellent mood elevator.

Experiment with different strains, research terpenes and find what works for you. I want to say that the terpene profile of a strain is what matters most in these conditions. Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Linalool are the three I find most beneficial.

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CBD oil in a jar with cannabis bud resting on top

“Nothing tops cannabis for getting rid of the symptoms”

Gene: I have Bipolar Disorder and medication doesn’t work. Cannabis does.

Hi, my name is Gene and I live in a state with no legal cannabis and have been smoking cannabis for 40 years now. I have a college education. Further, I was an insurance agent and then later in life, a school teacher. This means we can dispense with the “cannabis makes you stupid and lazy” argument.

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I am also bipolar. I was born with it. You cannot develop it later in life and you can’t catch it from smoking cannabis. For those who may not know, bipolar disorder manifests in super high highs of a manic period (so to speak) and very deep depressions on the other end.

I have been on every medication used to treat this. Nothing tops cannabis for getting rid of the symptoms. If I am in a manic state and ready to burn the house down, cannabis mellows me out and brings me safely down. Conversely, if I am so low I am contemplating suicide, it brings me up. It helps me remember that all is not lost.

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I know some may call BS on this but it’s the truth and has been my experience. Cannabis has literally saved my life and I am grateful for it.

From RxLeaf: Terpenes Matter for Wellness

When Richard says “that the terpene profile of a strain is what matters most in these conditions” – he’s very correct. Below are descriptions of the terpenes Richard describes as helping him combat his bipolar and anxiety disorders.

More description of these terpenes and more are available in Jessica McKeil’s RxLeaf article here.


Strains: Amnesia Haze, Pink Kush, Master Kush

Aromatic Notes: Floral

Medical Applications: Especially when derived from lavender, linalool has a long history of use in traditional medicines as a sedative and in aromatherapy as a stress-reliever. In terms of the medical research, there is early evidence that it’s helpful as an antibacterial compound and as a painkiller. A more recent, and perhaps more exciting study, explores linalool as a preventative treatment against Alzheimer’s Disease.


Strains: Bubba Kush, Chemdawg, Sour Diesel

Aromatic Notes: Pepper, Spicy, Cloves, Woodsy

Medical Applications: One of the first chemicals found outside the cannabis plant that activates our cannabinoid receptors, there is massive potential for caryophyllene to treat inflammation, pain, and for neuroprotection. In the most recent study from 2013, researchers suggested it may also have some use as a co-therapy with opiates for the treatment of chronic pain.

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relaxed woman who may use the strains the above patients used for bipolar


Strains: White Widow, Jack Herer, Pink Kush

Aromatic Notes: Cloves, Herbal

Medical Applications: In animal models, myrcene is showing particular usefulness for its gastrointestinal protections. It may protect against peptic ulcer disease, maintain the integrity of the digestive juices, and could reduce the appearance of gastric lesions. Some resources also suggest myrcene has sedative qualities, which compliment some of the other compounds in cannabis.


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