Cannabis Industry Jobs Are Coming By The Thousands!

Nicholas Demski April 29, 2019 0 comments

Will you be ready to scoop up a new gig in the cannabis industry when it comes to your town?

Everyone knows what hard work looks like. It’s usually outdoors with rolled-up sleeves and sweat dripping off the brow. So, would you be surprised to learn that working in cannabis industry jobs may be harder than you think? It’s not all buds and flowers; there’s a real effort that must be put into becoming a successful employee in the cannabis industry.

It’s a commitment that you might not be expecting; here’s what you have to know to get to the top of your game in growing, processing, and selling.

The Best Way to Succeed in Cannabis Industry Jobs

Perhaps the most important part of succeeding in cannabis industry jobs today is being well-informed. Regardless of the position that you’ll be working in, there are technical terms and cannabis jargon that are important to know.

For instance, Budtenders will need to know the difference between a terpene and trichome. Growers pass the basic when they can quickly identify and remove male plants from their crop. Processors need scientific knowledge to properly distill new types of extracts. Thankfully, as the industry grows, so too does the body of knowledge available to people in the industry.

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For years, cannabis trade secrets and mythology loomed heavily in the black market industry. Now that the best in the business feel safe to come forward, their knowledge has come with them. Here are a few awesome cannabis education companies that are doing their best to improve the cannabis industry.

Oaksterdam University – America’s First Cannabis College

OU established itself as America’s first college for cannabis in 2007. They offer both online and in-person courses that last from 1 day in Outdoor Greenhouse Horticulture up to 14 weeks in their semester-long CannaBusiness and Horticulture classes.

Their instructors include cannabis legends like Ed Rosenthal and Kyle Kushman. By employing the leading minds and utilizing an intensive course schedule, Oaksterdam sets the gold standard for cannabis education.

Non-University Training at HempStaff

People who are looking to get into the cannabis industry need the education to succeed; however, once they’ve equipped themselves with the information and skills, another problem presents itself. The cannabis industry has difficulty with staffing and recruiting. That’s where HempStaff comes in.

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While not as in-depth as Oaksterdam University, HempStaff also offers educational services to people who want to work in cannabis. However, they truly shine in their ability to connect potential employees with business in need of personnel.

Green Flower Education Videos

Running along the same vein of cannabis education, Green Flower takes its own unique approach to helping people understand how to operate in cannabis industry jobs. They do so through their online archive or educational videos and thoroughly-researched articles.

By inviting experts like Steve DeAngelo of Steep Hill Laboratories, Green Flower relies on some of the top minds in the business to help improve cannabis industry jobs.

Key Things to Know for Cannabis Industry Jobs

Every job in the cannabis industry requires a unique subset of knowledge. Let’s look at a few ubiquitous jobs you might be considering and what their core knowledge should contain.


Growing cannabis is about more than the buds. Working in cannabis horticulture requires in-depth knowledge of cannabis botany. Understanding how an end product should look is just the beginning. From there, it’s all about reverse engineering the process to attain the best plants and flowers.

To get to that point, horticulturists working in cannabis industry jobs need to master:

  • Soil composition
  • Nutrient supplementation
  • Water needs
  • Photoperiod adjustments for different stages of the plant’s life
  • Curing processes and best practices
  • Sanitation procedures


If you have a firm understanding of laboratory practices, you might be a good fit in a processing lab creating cannabis extractions. Of course, a background in science helps, but cannabis processing involves techniques not typically used in undergraduate labs.

Processors, to be employable in a number of cannabis processing jobs, should have a firm grasp on:

  • Glass supplies and how to maintain them
  • Laboratory safety protocols
  • Solvents
  • Extraction processes
  • Record keeping

Trimmers need to be willing to work long hours doing finely detailed work, hunched over. It is quickly tiring and can be very boring unless you are working with some good folks who share your jam.

And these are just a few of the skills required. Not a walk in the park!

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It may seem like an ideal job, right? You get to handle bud and talk cannabis all day long!

However, despite its appearance as a cake-walk job, that’s far from the truth. An effective budtender is more than a salesman. They have to have an intricate knowledge of a variety of cultivars, products, and can quickly make recommendations to people based on their specific needs. A wrong recommendation could put the reputation of the establishment at risk.

If you’re ready to find a cannabis industry job that matches you, your first step should be to educate yourself as much as you can!

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