Top Cannabis Influencers To Follow in 2019

Nicholas Demski April 21, 2019 0 comments

These pro-cannabis voices are big and bold, laying down insights and shaping laws. Make sure you’re watching these people.

The cannabis industry is rocketing through 2019 with ambitious cannabis influencers at its forefront. From cannabis educators to branding professionals to design and lifestyle leaders, there’s no shortage of interesting talent to follow. While grassroots organizations and groups fight for broader rights on the ground, cannabis influencers have the audience to amplify pro-cannabis voices.

Let’s take a look at some of the most engaging cannabis influencers in the cannabis industry that you should be following in 2019.

Alison McMahon

If you aspire to work in the cannabis industry, follow Alison’s Twitter feed. She’s well-connected and delivers some of the best advice for people who’d like to pursue a career in cannabis.

As the founder of, she’s the go-to person for facilitating cannabis jobs in Canada. Cannabis At Work focuses on recruitment and training services for jobs in the industry. Moreover, her company gives cannabis enthusiasts the best advice for landing a great job in the industry. You can now take in some of her expertise from McMahon’s podcast, Blown Away. They discuss a variety of cannabis issues and topics to help you stay updated while commuting to work.

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Via Dessy Pavlova

Dessy Pavlova

There’s perhaps no better voice than Dessy Pavlova for explaining cannabis in a clear, straightforward style to the canna-curious. As the Chair of Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Dessy is an educator and important cannabis advocate. She’s a cannabis connoisseur who has used her knowledge to spread awareness of cannabis and justice for its use and industry. To stay afloat on all-things-policy, make sure you follow Dessy.

She’s worked in the industry and studied cannabis and drug policy for over a decade. She has the insight and know-how when it comes to promoting cannabis legalization.

Ed Rosenthal, “The Guru of Ganja”

A long-time champion of the cannabis community, Ed has authored books, hosted events, and advocated for cannabis all over the world. Though he’s been at the forefront of social activism for cannabis, he’s also one of the best horticulturists on the planet. He teaches best growing practices, and has helped change laws around the world. He’s even authored several books on the subject, including Marijuana Grower’s Handbook (1985) and two books on varieties of cannabis consumption – as well as more than 20 others. Needless to say, Ed knows his stuff. If you want to learn more about cultivation and consumption, he’s your guy.

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Tom Angell

The laws throughout the United States are a quagmire of bills, motions, ballot measures, and vetoes. It’s tough to keep an eye on every single bill related to cannabis in the nation. That’s what Tom is for.

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By following every bill around the nation and giving up-to-date reporting on the cannabis industry in general, Tom’s work with Marijuana Moment is an indispensable vehicle of knowledge. He’s even gone on to found his own website, Marijuana Majority. But if you don’t believe us, just ask Forbes, where he’s their ‘cannabis guy’. With a decade and a half of experience in pushing for cannabis law reform, Tom Angell is no stranger to dealing with the nitty-gritty details that have made your bud legal.

Max Simon

By focusing on education, Max has taken his position of CEO at Green Flower Media to some inspiring places. His company builds informative, thoughtful videos around cannabis and delivers them in a professional and beautiful format. Max knows what it feels like to be in the proverbial cannabis closet, experiencing stigma and shame while taking cannabis in his youth. Now he strives to show the public what a beautiful plant cannabis really is, and how much is can help.

The best part of Max’s work at Green Flower is that they have access to the top scientists and professionals in the field, so you’re getting the best information. But it’s clean, accessible, and interesting. It brings stuffy, difficult to understand studies into real terms for your benefit.

Rachael Carlevale

Rachael has carved out her own unique niche with a clear focus on cannabis and yoga. What she’s dubbed Ganjasana is a blend of the two in a way that shows the true spiritual relationship we all have with cannabinoids, terpenes, and the various other beneficial compounds in cannabis.

Rachael’s work inspires thousands on Instagram to have a healthy body as well as a healthy approach to cannabis use. It’s no secret to cannabis advocates that consumption of this plant can take you on a spiritual journey. And many yogis would say the same! She’s working to show how, when combined, you can have powerful emotional and spiritual healing. And she certainly appeals to those health nuts and yogis who may not have promoted cannabis before!

cannabis influencers, cannabis, medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, legalization, educators, promotion, USA, Canada, Rachel Carlevale

Via Civilized.; Rachel Carlevale, founder of Ganjasana

Steve DeAngelo

Dr. Steve DeAngelo is the Executive Director of Harborside Health Center and a constant advocate for cannabis. His life’s work revolves around ending the war on cannabis and giving access to cannabis to every person on the planet. He admits his dreams are large – he may not see them in his lifetime – but he’s a leader that’s willing to go down en-route to plant justice around the world.

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If you’re interested in his work, you can find his book, The Cannabis Manifesto, his Discovery Channel miniseries, or his weekly show on Max Simon’s Green Flower. He also regularly hosts speaking events, where you’ll have an opportunity to hear from him directly.

Jane West

Why follow Jane West? She’s a risk-taker and action-maker. Fired from her position an event coordinator for vaping on television at CNBC, she’s taken her brand to next level and crushing it on Twitter. By offering tips, tricks, and even running her own show on her website, Jane West is an entertaining and lively person to follow these days. In fact, she’s even opened her own line of cannabis products, including travel kits, glassware, CBD products, and a line of ‘day joints’ and ‘night joints’ for when you want to know exactly what you’re getting and what it’s good for.

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