Will Cannabis Kill That Nasty Toe Fungus Infection?

Jennifer Grant March 16, 2018 11 comments

Toenail fungus is difficult to kill, but cannabis may help stop fungus infection.

There are more than 100 cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, and each has unique medicinal benefits. For a long time THC hogged the limelight but CBD is the current media and medical darling for its wide range of therapeutic advantages. With that said attention is now turning toward other non-intoxicating cannabinoids. Have you heard of cannabichromene (CBC)? Or cannabigerol (CBG)? Both are reported to have great fungus fighting powers.

What Science Says about CBG and CBC for Fungus Treatment

Researchers are testing CBC and CBG against various fungi, such as the super resistant Candida albicans. This is a yeast (belonging to the Kingdom Fungi) that exists in a balanced state within the human body but, when the immune system is compromised, it can over-grow to cause candidiasis.  For the immuno-compromised, candidiasis can become a monumental and painful problem.  Both CBC and CBG have demonstrated anti-fungal properties and the ability to support immune function as well as the metabolism of sterols (such as cholesterol).

It’s clear that both minor cannabinoids haven’t been studied half as much as their famous relative CBD and THC. However, researchers are starting to take great interest in both compounds and their medicinal potential. As a result they made the discovery that these cannabinoids could indeed have medical purposes. Studies suggest that both have potent antifungal properties and are effective at tackling many different strengths of fungi.

And the good news continues as no significant side effects came about as a result of consuming CBC and CBG. This means that it’s safe enough to apply onto sensitive skin. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all of the topical antifungal products currently available on the market.

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fungus infection represented by microscopic image of fungus

How Best to Utilize CBC and CBG for Skin Fungus

The most effective way is probably to use a cannabis oil topical on the infected area. However, treating fungal skin conditions with CBC and CBG is possible in numerous ways. Both compound can also help to treat fungal nail infections, too. But for the best results a full spectrum oil is the best choice.

Full spectrum cannabis oil contains CBC and CBG along with all the other cannabinoids like CBD and THC. which have both been proven to possess lots of health benefits. Studies suggest that all of these 100+ cannabinoids work best when they are working together. This healing and powerful synergy is known as the “entourage effect.” For some extra quality maybe choose an organic full spectrum oil to ensure the product is pesticide-free and easy on sensitive skin.

Terpene can Join the Fight Against Fungus Infection

Another component of cannabis, terpenes, has shown promise in fighting fungus. Foot nail fungus is a very stubborn and persistent condition. The terpene beta-caryophyllene can kill it. Dermatophytes that thrive in the outer layer of our skin, nail, or hair cause most nail fungus infections. Keratin proteins enable the body to create structural strength and toughness. However, if this strength is lacking, fungi can then enter the body through cuts or cracks.

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The fungi then settle and multiply, causing irritation and making nails brittle and the surrounding tissues weak. This is when nails turn yellow, white, or brownish. As the condition progresses, nails separate from the nail bed and could cause serious infections or ulcers.

Beta-caryophyllene works in a similar manner to sulonazole or ciclopiroxolamine, but without the adverse side effects. This terpene also produces positive results within a shorter period when compared to prescription treatments. Researchers believe that beta-caryophyllene works quickly because it can reach very deeply into affected tissue, unlike prescription products.

fungus infection represented by toe nail infection

One patient reports applying cannabis oil directly to the nail and the fungus dying off. He did complain that the fungus returned when he stopped treatment, but then died off again when he resumed. He maintained the second treatment until a new, healthy, nail could take hold.

Fungus and yeast overgrowth are unwelcome guests on or in the human body. Moreover, these are difficult to treat and sometimes completely unresponsive to standard medications. We look to a future where cannabinoids and terpenes are widely available and all people have the freedom of choice when it comes to medicine and the freedom to simply wear flip flops.

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Jennifer Grant

Jennifer is Editor in Chief for Rxleaf. She has been employed as a professional writer for over fifteen years. Jennifer graduated from the University of Guelph with an Honors Biological Science degree, majoring in the biomedical field.

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  1. Barry

    I have tried everything…Vick’s is the only product that seemed to work with a certain amount of clearing..

    • RxLeaf

      Interesting. Someone I love has had nail fungus for years, started taking cannabis oil internally for a degenerative spine condition, and the toes cleared up!

  2. Anne-marie

    Hi where do you get cbc and cbg??

    I have only just found a source for cbd.

  3. MacKenzie bowell

    lets try again where do you get cbc and cbg?

    • Jennifer Grant

      Almost impossible to find. No company that I am aware of is extracting this in pure form for sale. You would, instead, research a strain high in these cannabinoids and use that.

  4. George

    Any actual studies/trials/anecdotal photographs? I’ve tried so many different options, only one that really worked was 12 weeks of oral terbinafine (lamisil), but it comes back within a year. I use thymol in ethanol which seems to slow it down.

    How about thymol in CBD oil, are they compatible?

    Maybe I’ll run a test with thymol on one foot, and CBD on the other…

    • Jennifer Grant

      There will be links in the article itself to studies (look for green text). So far no one has offered photos. BUT…if you want to run that anecdotal trial, please take before and after. What I found is that cannabis kills the fungus and the nail grows back healthy. Let us know how it goes!

    • Pam Baker

      Hi George, How did your experiment work?

  5. Dan

    how would I post photos on this site, to Show you before and after photos