Chronic Fatigue So Severe That Teen Stops Growing

Emily Robertson November 14, 2018 2 comments

UK Teen, devastated by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, was ready to end his life. He was given a second chance when he got onto cannabis oil.

Editor’s Note: This story is an anecdotal report about how cannabis may have helped the symptom of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Research has not caught up with anecdotal reports. This should not take the place of medical advice from a qualified physician.

Chronic fatigue, also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, is one of those disorders that faces serious skepticism in the medical community. Some people don’t believe that chronic fatigue is a real disorder, but a teen in Norfolk, England would definitely beg to differ. For the past eight years, Tom Bethell, now 15, had a case of chronic fatigue so severe that it kept him out of school and even prevented him from starting puberty. Cannabis was able to turn all of that around and give Tom back his life.

Tom Bethell Is Taken Down by Chronic Fatigue

For eight years, Tom was barely been able to leave his bed. The symptoms of chronic fatigue led to serious depression that only worsened his exhaustion. Eventually, Tom’s vision blurred and his hair failed to sprout new growth. Then his muscles no longer withstood his weight, and he even stopped growing altogether. At the age of 15, Tom was in one of a lowest percentile for height and hadn’t yet reached puberty.

Tom’s general practitioner prescribed amitriptyline, an anti-depressant, but this didn’t fight the root of the problem and Tom did not get better. Things continued to spiral down until Tom told his mom that he “didn’t want to live any more.”

Sarah explains that her son, “had no energy at all and was in a complete ‘brain fog’. He would fall over 20 or 30 times a day. His memory was poor, he couldn’t even breathe properly.”

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Cannabis Oil is Trialed

Finally, as Sarah and Tom were starting to lose hope, Sarah’s mother, Wendy, suggested cannabis oil. Wendy Thomas, 67, had been using cannabis oil to help with her Crohn’s disease and had found it helped dramatically. In fact, Wendy was able to stop prescribed medication, and exclusively use CBD to manage her symptoms of Crohn’s. Prior to CBD, she wasn’t able to eat solid food.

Tom started using cannabis oil from CBD Brothers. Immediately, the results were incredible! Tom’s life changed drastically after taking cannabis oil. Within nine months, he grew 11 inches! And inside two months, his feet grew two shoe sizes.

“He’s now hit puberty, he’s got body hair and leg hair,” Sarah explained.

She went on to say that, “His memory is better and he can retain information. He’s gone from learning his three times tables to being able to attempt five GCSE exams, next year. Before he couldn’t even find the words to have a conversation.”

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“A Lot Happier”

While Tom may never leave his chronic fatigue behind, he now knows how to handle its onset. Sarah described Tom as “a lot happier and [he] no longer has reactive depression.”

It’s true, Tom is happy again. He’s back to school, and may be taking the GCSE – the standard exams for his age in the UK.

And Sarah is happy too. Since putting her son onto CBD, she’s decided to try it herself.  Sarah struggles with rheumatoid arthritis and hypermobility. After CBD, she’s found her pain seriously decreased to the point where she can properly function in performing tasks of her daily life.

CBD Brothers Helping Tom

The CBD Brothers company that Tom’s family purchase from is, “a UK based business and supplier of CBD oil.” Now, after Sarah and her son found so much healing success with their products, Sarah Thomas works for CBD Brothers!

CBD Brothers uses medical cannabis imported from Spain and the Netherlands. Owners have explained that they will continue to fight for decriminalization in the UK. Until that time, “CBD Brothers is in regular contact with the regulatory authority to ensure its products meet guidelines”. While CBD Brothers continues to promote the uses of CBD, they have to wait until decriminalization or CBD oil becomes a licensed medicine to promote fully. Luckily, Tom has already found his healing!

CBD oil often has few to zero side effects. Occasionally, the consumer may have to up their dose after some time consuming, especially if use a product that is based on CBD isolate. Further research will determine Cannabidiol can help with conditions like Chronic Fatigue.

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  1. Sarah Thomas

    That’s my son! Thank you for writing a great piece. Tom continues to recover and is doing really well.