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Green Gone has licensed pharmacists using hard science to guarantee total THC detox, so you’re ready to pass the drug test.

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Essentially, legalization is picking up momentum across the globe. With increasing legalization, however, comes increasing employer anxiety about “high” employees stumbling around the workplace. As unjustified as this concern is in practice, facing a drug test is the reality for many, many employees. And a failed drug test usually means the end of your job. 

Have you stood in the pharmacy, heart racing, clock ticking, staring down all of the options for getting a THC detox going? Maybe scrolling through Amazon, clicking for the perfect review as a little bead of sweat trickles down the side of your face? That mean, little voice inside whispering, “You’re going to fail the urine test. You’re going to lose your job! You won’t be able to pay the bills. Your wife is going to leave you, bud. You can’t get this out of your system in time. It’s over. Done. Failed drug test.”

This exact scenario has employees buying THC detox kits in record numbers. The trouble is, the detox kit industry remains largely unregulated. Just about anybody can throw untested ingredients together hoping to make a quick buck off your panic. Even worse, many of these kits are made in foreign countries with zero regulation and loosely enforced safety precautions.

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Safe and Effective Detox Kits

Well, relax. We found a THC detox kit that is safe and actually does work: Green Gone Detox.  What stood out in our survey was that licensed pharmacists developed this product, real scientists who actually know how the human excretory system works.  Imagine that. They’ve got a number of years of research and testing under their belt and subsequently, when we spoke to Brad, Green Gone Pharmacist, he really reinforced that the company, “holds your health as its highest priority.” 

Is it Safe to Use a Green Gone THC Detox Kit?

When I hung up the phone, I knew that this safety thing was more than just a platitude.  And it was refreshing because everyone else we spoke with kept pushing the marketing agenda: it works, it works. Guaranteed.  Which is great, of course, because we definitely want it to work and that guarantee means a lot. Green Gone will give the same guarantee that you’ll pass the drug test, plus they really did take a step back to provide evidence that it’s safe.

The next thing you want to think about it efficacy. Can the company demonstrate that they have a protocol for testing efficacy?  Because for you, a lot is riding on the effectiveness of a THC detox kit. An incomplete detox could mean failing the drug test and potentially losing your job.

What does a THC Detox do to My Body?

Essentially, the science of detoxing cannabis is not as straightforward as many companies make it sound. There is no one size fits all approach to cleansing the body of THC metabolites, or diluting the urine enough to fool a urine test. These are approaches that can quickly be caught at the testing centers. Fake urine is also losing its luster, given that current technology detects it. Further, using it is fraud; and it can have potentially dire consequences in certain states. 

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Everyone metabolizes cannabis in slightly different ways, depending on: metabolism, amount consumed, body mass and BMI. 

THC Detox Calculator

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Green Gone has a handy-dandy THC detox calculator on their website to help your figure this out.  Then you can talk to a Detox Advisor from the company who will help you pick the appropriate kit for your needs.  Unlike its competitors, Green Gone sells 10-day, 5-day, and 2-day  THC detox packages, so you will be able to find a package that is completely customized for your needs.

Most detox kits today target a quick, short-term dilution of your urine and provide no long term THC detox. These are known as masking agents. Green Gone is a product that goes further than a simple dilution (which again may or may not even work)! The pharmacists developing Green Gone explored the science behind THC in the human body and sought out natural ingredients that target the mechanisms responsible for breaking down THC. Green Gone is more than a diuretic; it’s scientifically formulated to cut your detox time in half, sometimes a third of the time or better. How is that even possible?

The Basics of Breaking Down THC in the Body

Drug tests (urine, blood and hair) don’t specifically test for THC, instead they test for a conglomerate of metabolites, including the most abundant, THC-COOH.

Essentially, after you consume cannabis, whether you are smoking, eating, or letting a tincture absorb under your tongue, your body gets to work breaking it down. Once in your bloodstream, the THC molecules quickly find themselves getting redirected to fat tissue, stuck to blood proteins, or “bottle-necking” in the liver. Over the next several days two key enzymes in the liver, specifically 2C9 and 3A4, transform THC into a totally new molecule known as THC-COOH, the primary THC metabolite among a couple dozen other similar derivatives.

It’s this THC-COOH metabolite which causes so much grief for cannabis consumers when they face a drug test. While THC quickly dissipates from your system, dissolving into fat and being highly bound in the bloodstream, THC-COOH can show up over a month later in lab testing, and sometimes even longer.

The THC itself can take several days to a week after abstinence to be completely converted into metabolites, and the THC-COOH also slowly releases from the fat cells, and these molecules flush into your urine and feces over a longer period of time. If in high enough levels, these will  trigger a positive test result. The threshold for urine in the USA is 50ng/ml on a standard panel for THC metabolites.

THC Detox Urine sample sitting on top of paperwork

Detox is all in the Science

Many websites recommend exercise, detox diets, or other ‘natural’ methods of speeding up this slow flush of THC-COOH out of the body. Essentially, these methods aren’t proven and may only help modestly in speeding up the process beyond the normal speed of your metabolism.

Top Five Scientific Benefits of Choosing Green Gone

The pharmacists behind Green Gone have painstakingly developed a unique formula that specifically maximizes the flushing of THC metabolites from the body.

St. John’s Wort: Increased Liver Activity 

First, St. John’s Wort helps your liver activate its enzymes, specifically those responsible for processing THC. It goes to reason that if you process it more quickly, it also speeds up the elimination of the more water soluble end products.

Sodium bicarbonate: Increase Urine pH

Secondly, the solution increases the pH level of your urine. Further, higher pH level allows for more of these acidic metabolites to dissolve into the urine, and subsequently flush out more rapidly.

White Willow Extract: Decrease Protein Binding in Blood

Moreover, Green Gone decreases the protein binding in the blood. The researchers reasoned that if you inhibit the activity of the same proteins typically binding with the THC metabolites, the unbound THC would get caught up in the increased enzyme activity, and excreted more quickly in your urine. Also free metabolites diffuse into the gut, or the kidneys clear them.

Psyllium Husk: Bind Metabolites in the Gut

A source of fiber to bind metabolites in the gut.

Horsetail Extract: Increase Urine Output

In order to maximize your detox, you need to urinate A LOT. Horsetail extract essentially acts as a diuretic, to temporarily increase urine output.

THC Detox ingredient St Johns Wort and pestil

The Only THC Detox Kit Developed by Pharmacists 

Green Gone has data supporting its effectiveness in real people. In fact, the product reduces the detection time for cannabis in half (or better) compared to those not detoxing.  The pharmacists responsible for the Green Gone THC detox kit went through 27 careful formulas before weighing in all the data, and settling on this final product.

It’s a THC detox kit for drug tests that has the numbers to support its effectiveness. They specifically tested each recipe on real cannabis consumers taking actual urine tests. The team took a true data-driven approach to the development of Green Gone and didn’t use any potentially harmful or toxic cleansing ingredients typically found in other products.

A Summary of Some of the Perks

Lastly, because we love Green Gone so much, here is a summary from the company of the top 9 reasons to give it a try for your next detox:

  1. Proven THC elimination increase by 215-330%+
  2. Designed by pharmacists
  3. Safe, all natural ingredients
  4. Made in the USA at a GMP approved, FDA inspected facility
  5. Simple instructions
  6. Great customer support!
  7. Fast shipping, free Priority shipping!
  8. Discreet billing and packaging
  9. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
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