Make Your Own Full Spectrum Cannabis Capsules

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Cannabis capsules are a familiar format (pills) and a discrete way to travel.

There’s an old saying that science advances one funeral at a time. And that certainly seems to be true of cannabis. Not so long ago, scientists believed THC was its main active ingredient. But the doors to the abyss opened and researchers discovered a vast array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids one by one. Like everything in life, we began to realize that things are a lot more interconnected than we could ever have imagined. The complex synergies that play out between these compounds produce cannabis’ medicinal benefits. What’s more, by ensuring optimal absorption of these compounds with cannabis capsules via liposomal encapsulation technology, you help to ensure those potent synergies extend a lot deeper.

What are Full Spectrum Extracts?

Full spectrum cannabis extracts are a concentrated form of the original flower where the profile of bioactive compounds is preserved. The ratios remain intact with only the unnecessary plant compounds removed. Many cannabis concentrates, like bubble hash and rosin, still contain fats and lipids, whereas full spectrum extracts contain only what is desired and beneficial — the essential essence of the plant.

The average person may only be able to name a few, but cannabis contains over 500 known compounds. The inner workings of the cannabis plant are complex in a way that the modern western mind finds difficult to appreciate. Our tendency to see nature as a separate entity from ourselves has meant that the road to understanding the complex synergies and associated interactions with the human body has taken time to evolve.


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Uncovering the Entourage Effect

According to different phases of research, pure THC may help to relieve pain, nausea, and muscle spasms. However, those benefits often come with the associated side effects of poor short-term memory and increased anxiety, among others. Full spectrum extracts enhance the positive benefits of THC and drastically decrease its side effects.

The same applies to CBD. Although it has shown potential as an anti-inflammatory, painkiller relieving, with possible anti-anxiety properties, pure CBD also exhibits negative side effects. The effective dose of CBD is quite low and higher doses don’t result in more potent effects. A study carried out at the University of Jerusalem showed that the introduction of CBD-rich full spectrum extracts resulted in an improved potentiation of beneficial effects at higher doses. While with CBD isolates, the perceived benefits topped out at much lower doses.

How is a Full Spectrum Extract Made?

Extracting the full spectrum of compounds from the cannabis plant is extremely difficult to do. Without proper care, the high temperatures and pressures used during extraction can destroy many of these all-important compounds.

The process involves a series of extractions. Manufacturers perform these in several steps, under controlled conditions, with solvents. This often takes weeks, and few companies have truly nailed the technique. Of those that have, they choose to maintain their competitive advantage and protect their investment in the hi-tech equipment involved by keeping the intricacies of the process private.

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What Conditions Might a Full Spectrum Extract Help?

Based on research done on CBD and THC extracts, full spectrum extracts are enlisted to help with the symptoms of the following conditions. It’s important to realize that much of this is anecdotal reports from other patients as science has not yet caught up with it.


A study carried out at the University of Sao Paolo in Brazil showed full spectrum CBD to be useful in treating depression, but that it was dependent on serotonin levels in the brain. While CBD works on serotonin receptors, researchers identified other minor compounds as being involved in balancing other neurotransmitter levels. It’s this complementary action that proved most effective in treating depression when compared to taking CBD isolate alone.


In moderate doses, CBD may also help with some symptoms of anxiety. But in high doses, it can in fact potentiate anxiety by triggering an imbalance in neurotransmitter levels. The introduction of full spectrum extracts was found to reverse this side effect by blocking the TRPV1 receptors via the natural flavonoids found in the cannabis plant.

Liposomal Encapsulation Cannabis Capsules

The full effects of the cannabis plant are best appreciated when a full spectrum extract is coupled with a setup for optimal absorption. Typically, when patients consume cannabis capsules, stomach acid will quickly disintegrate the capsule to release its contents. But this is not the best way to ensure optimal absorption.

Liposomal technology forms the active ingredients into structures called liposomes. These layers of molecules protect and help transport the active ingredients so patients can more efficiently absorb them. Once absorbed through the intestinal wall into your bloodstream, these then penetrate more rapidly into the target tissues in your body for improved bioavailability.

Making Cannabis Capsules

Manufacturers have usually already heat-treated their full spectrum extracts, so additional exposure to heat is undesired as it can mean further degradation. To obtain the benefits of liposomal encapsulation technology, we’ll use minimal heat.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 part full spectrum extract
  • 2 parts lecithin granules
  • 2 parts coconut oil

cannabis capsules


1) Heat both the coconut oil and lecithin granules to 160°F.

2) Add the full spectrum extract, and agitate to completely blend.

3) Heat the solution to at least 215°F – 220°F. Maintain this temperature for 30 minutes before allowing it to cool. Use a sealed vessel for this process. This helps prevent the terpenes from evaporating and escaping due to their lower boiling point. 

4) Freeze the solution overnight, before allowing it to defrost at room temperature.

5) Repeat step 3 by heating it once more. Once at the target temperature, allow it to cool gradually in a sealed container. Aim for a temperature drop to 150°F over the course of 30 minutes. Avoid reheating the solution.

6) You can now encapsulate the oil can using a syringe. Dilute it if necessary to refine your dosing based on your needs and expectations.

Once complete, you can rest assured that you’ll be medicating with one of the best forms of medicine available. And what’s more, with that improved bioavailability, your body will get everything it needs.


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