Can You Improve Your Memory with Hemp Seeds?

Dragana Komnenov PhD March 8, 2019 2 comments

How to improve memory could be as simple as getting more hemp seeds in your daily.

Hemp seed, has been gaining in popularity for human nutrition for awhile now. It has high protein content and a balanced profile of fatty acids essential for human health. Most recently, however, reports describe the anti-aging effects of hemp seed extracts. People looking for tips on how to improve memory can start by adding some hemp seed into their diet.

Lignanamides: A Big Word for Big Brain Benefit

Hemp seeds are rich in lignanamides that improve learning and memory as seen in a mouse model of dementia. There are actually multiple lignanamides in the hemp seed called: cannabisin A,B,C,D,E,F etc. Also, each has shown good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory profiles.

Recently, a team of researchers explored how cannabisin F is able to control inflammation in brain microglia cells. These are the immune cells of the brain. The team was specifically seeking: how to improve memory by reducing inflammation.

how to improve memory hemp seeds

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Dementia Starts With Inflammation in the Brain

Microglia cells, are the brain activating in response to injury or trauma. These cells release nitric oxide, reactive oxygen species and tumor necrosis factor alpha. The inflammation that results is a great way to fight assaults in the central nervous system. However, untamed inflammatory responses results in neuronal death and neurodegeneration, over time.

Molecules that can give anti-inflammatory effects on microglia are arguably the most effective in preventing neurodegeneration. This has therapeutic impacts on conditions ranging from concussions and traumatic brain injury to dementia.

How to Improve Memory by Eating Hemp Seeds

There is an enzyme in the brain, called SIRT1, that plays an important role in anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant processes in microglia. Therefore, agents that boost the presence of SIRT1 will be beneficial in reducing inflammation in the brain. Cannabisin F, found in hemp seeds, can do that!

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Study Looks at how Well Cannabisin F Stops Brain Inflammation

Rresearchers first tested the safety profile of Cannabisin F and observed there was no harm to the cell after direct incubation with the compound. They then showed that when microglia were challenged with a pro-inflammatory agent, they released inflammatory mediators. Cannabisin F stopped the release of these inflammatory agents and it was able to reduce oxidative stress. How did cannabisin F accomplish this? By activating SIRT1. This enzyme jumps into action and down regulates the mediators that are increasing inflammation.

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The cannabis plant is turning out to be a powerhouse of anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory action. Cannabisin F — found in the seed of cannabis plant — is just one of many lignanamide molecules. The described study is simply the first to report its powerful protective effects on microglia cells. There are many unanswered questions regarding cannabisin F at this point: is it located in other parts of the plant, what is the most effective route of administration, and at what concentration? Nevertheless, the results of this study are promising; in the meantime, dietary hemp seed is always an option.

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Other Nutritional Benefits of Hemp Seed

Excellent Source of Protein

Natural plant proteins are crucial to a human health. In fact, they’re healthier for you than a meat protein diet. Research has suggested that diets with a higher animal protein are more likely to lead to increased mortality rates through cancer and heart disease. Hemp seeds are high in protein and easy to include in your diet. The hearts have a pleasant, nutty flavor and can be sprinkled over your salad or smoothie, added to a sandwich and even baked into bread.  The actually seeds are little less palatable, with a crunchy and dry texture.

High in Brain and Heart-Loving Omega Fatty Acids

You may not know this, but your body doesn’t actually produce Omega 3 and 6.  This is why they are called “essential,” meaning that they need to come from your diet. Hemp seeds can provide that.

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Omega-rich diets are critical to improving cardiovascular health and function. Omega helps to lower blood pressure and to reduce the risk of blood clots, which can lead to stroke. Hemp seeds also contain gamma-linoleic acid which reduces inflammation in cardiovascular tissue, therefore helping to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Additionally, arginine relaxes blood vessels, thereby lowering blood pressure.

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Preventative Health Measures

If you want mega health benefits then what you really want is preventative medicine. And hemp seeds provide exactly that. The amino acids and essential fatty acids provided are ways to prevent heart disease as well as to prevent other late-life diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Throwing them into your smoothies in the morning can be a great way to combat diseases that tend to hit later in life.

So, get hemp seeds into you! Other types of foods that go great with hemp include oatmeal, yoghurt, and quinoa. Try hemp seeds and hearts with any of your favourite recipes.


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      Hi Kimberly, Your physician would be best able to answer that question as he/she knows your overall health status. Wishing you the best.