CBD Coffee: How to Add CBD to Your Morning Brew

Nicholas Demski March 29, 2019 0 comments

The mental boost combined with the properties of CBD make it the perfect addition to your morning cup of joe: CBD coffee.

According to research that appeared in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, nearly a fourth of Americans skip breakfast. Furthermore, those who do eat breakfast, appear to consume just 16% of their daily caloric intake at that time. For a society that claims that ‘breakfast is the most important meal,’ practice isn’t matching the belief.

However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The old adage may be entirely wrong. In fact, having a light breakfast seems to work very well for many people who continue to function and thrive in that type of routine.

So, should cannabis consumers be eating a large breakfast, a small, quick one, or none at all?

While everyone is different, any coffee-loving cannabis consumer can look at the reported health benefits of CBD coffee and consider creating a new morning routine.

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Improving Your Morning Routine

When blending CBD with coffee, one of the best ways to do it is with CBD butter. There are several reasons to consider this new breakfast routine. For example, the butter:

  • Helps to satiate hunger pangs in the morning by increasing the caloric value of the coffee
  • Thickens coffee, creating a latte-like consistency
  • May contain an added value such as omega-3 or vitamin K

A delicious coffee with CBD butter can do even more than that, however, thanks to the added impact of the isolated cannabinoid.

A study from 2018 looked at how people are using cannabidiol, and they found that 62% of consumers are using it to treat a medical condition. The study, which appeared in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, showed that people self-reported managing pain, anxiety, and depression as the top three uses.

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Survey on the Consumption of CBD

Most interestingly, 36% of them responded that CBD worked “very well by itself” when treating their medical conditions. On the other hand, 4.3% said that CBD worked “not very well”. These disparities are common among medicinal cannabis. However, this data seems to show that people who are intentionally using CBD, such as in their morning coffee, are generally appreciating the results.

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Research across the board has been expanding, and further research in 2018 supported the case that CBD helps with anxiety. The researchers, who published their data in Neurotherapeutics, said that “current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders”. That means that CBD coffee may be helpful for a wide range of people with anxiety disorders. A CBD coffee before work to calm obsessive-compulsive disorder may be as effective as one during a meeting to help curb social anxiety.

So, CBD coffee offers a variety of benefits. The warm drink soothes the throat, caffeine wakens the senses, and CBD helps to soothe the body. However, there is more than one way to consume CBD coffee. For example, there’s a nuanced difference between CBD roasted with beans and CBD mixed with coffee from a tincture or oil.

CBD, CBD coffee, THC, cannabis, medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, health benefits, coffee

The Best Way to Consume CBD with Coffee

If you’ve ever stood in a new coffee shop and had to spend 10 minutes just to read the menu and all the different coffees, you know that coffee varieties are endless. The ways in which it’s possible to have your CBD coffee are only limited to the numbers of different ways in which you can make coffee. In fact, some companies are showing that it’s possible to brew coffee directly with CBD.

For example, SteepFuze offers a handful of different methods they’ve developed in their search to get CBD into coffee. One of their key methods is with a French press. It’s a multistep process that even beginners can manage:

  1. Weigh and grind the fresh infused coffee beans down to a coarse mixture.
  2. Mix the beans with a 2:1 mixture of hot water to beans inside the French press and let sit for about 30 seconds.
  3. Add more hot water, creating about a 12:1 mixture and let sit for one minute.
  4. If the ground beans want to float to the top, stir them back down a few times.
  5. Top the French press and press the plunger down to just below the water line to submerge all the beans.
  6. Wait about three minutes and press down on the plunger to squeeze out the oils at the bottom of the press.
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CBD coffee being made in French press

Though it’s a rather simple process. There’s an even easier way to make your own CBD coffee: by using a product like a tincture. More importantly, there’s no need to buy a special coffee, just add a few drops of CBD to any blend. Easy peasy.

How do you make your CBD coffee? Let us know in the comments!

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