RSO Cooking Methods: Gummies And Hard Candy

Jessica McKeil August 27, 2019 20 comments

RSO cooking methods can be tricky due to the THC potency of this form of cannabis medicine.

Rick Simpson Oil (or RSO) is a favorite option for cannabis patients with chronic illness. It’s a highly potent medicine, and one of the easiest concentrates to make at home. Once in an oral syringe, its relatively simple for patients to reach the high doses needed to treat chronic diseases like cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, and chronic pain. Plus, patients no longer need to smoke their medicine, making that much more therapeutically healthy.

That said, it’s still a sticky mess to deal with, and it doesn’t taste great.

The bitter earthy taste is quite off-putting. It is not something you look forward to dosing throughout the day, no matter how powerful the therapeutic benefits.

Because of the taste, and it’s extremely sticky nature, you might consider looking into RSO cooking methods. RSO makes for an excellent addition to many sweet-delights, like candies, lollipops, and more. The potency and efficiency remain the same, but the dosing experience gets substantially more delicious.

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How to Dose an RSO Edible

As you get started on your journey of discovery with RSO cooking methods, the most critical step is to pay attention to dose. Although RSO doesn’t always have to be high THC (it depends on the original strain), it often is.

Because RSO can come in highly potent packages (upwards of 1000mg of THC per syringe), messing up the per-candy dosing calculation can leave you comatose on the couch. What you thought was a little gummy can turn into an overwhelming experience without knowing the rough dose.

Take note of the total THC (in milligrams) of the RSO before mixing in with the rest of the ingredients. Once you’ve wrapped up cooking, divide the total THC by the number of portion sizes.

For example, 1000 mg of RSO divided by 20 portions equals 50 mg per portion. That is a potent edible!

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Here are recipes for RSO served two ways: Gummies and lollipops!

RxLeaf Gummies in girl's hands

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RSO Gummies Recipe

Recipe Adapted from The Ganja Chronicles


  • Glass measuring cup
  • Silicon molds (candy, chocolate, or even mini muffin size will work)
  • Whisk
  • Medium bowl
  • Condiment bottle (like a ketchup bottle)
  • Glass jar


  • ½ cup cold water
  • ¼ cup corn syrup
  • Jell-O (3 oz – flavor of your choice)
  • 2 packs of gelatin
  • RSO syringe (100 mg of THC, 500 mg, or even up to 1000 mg).
  • Non-stick spray


Before getting started, you’ll want to confirm the potency of the RSO. One thing many recipes don’t mention about RSO cooking methods, is the potency. This is important information for determining the final strength per gummy! Once the gummies have set, and you have a total count, use the following formula to determine potency per each unit:

(Total mg of RSO) ÷ (Number of gummies) = (Potency per gummy)


  1. Combine cold water and corn syrup together in a bowl and mix until clear.
  2. Add 2 packs of gelatin and Jell-O, and stir until clumps dissolve. It should look like a thick soup, but may still have a sugary consistency.
  3. Add mixture to a saucepan over medium-low heat. Simmer for 5 to 10 minutes, frequently stirring to prevent burning.
  4. Spray silicone molds with PAM or another cooking spray.
  5. Remove mixture from heat and add your chosen RSO to the pot. Squirt the entire syringe, making a note of total milligrams. Stir until combined.
  6. Carefully fill your condiment bottle with the mixture. The condiment bottle will make it easier to fill the silicone molds, but if you are careful, you can use a spoon.
  7. Fill each mold until the gel sits just above the edge, as the mixture will shrink during the cooling stage. Work extremely fast in this stage, because the mixture thickens as it cools.
  8. If the mixture becomes too difficult to work with, gently reheat until liquid again.
  9. Let the molds sit overnight until firm.
  10. Store in a glass jar out of sight of children and pets.

young woman holding out suckerRSO Lollipops or Hard Candies Recipe

Provided by Cannadish


  • Medium bowl
  • Ice water
  • 1 package of lollipop sticks
  • Lollipops molds or a silicone mat
  • Non-stick spray
  • Candy thermometer


  • 2 cups sugar
  • ⅔ cup light corn syrup
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 gram RSO
  • 2 tsp flavoring of your choice (lemon, watermelon, strawberry).
  • 2 drops food coloring


Again, just like with the gummies, it’s important to note the THC potency beforehand. Check the packaging to note how many milligrams of THC the RSO contains.


  1. Spray the silicone mat/molds with PAM or another cooking spray
  2. Combine sugar and corn syrup and water in a small pot over medium heat until completely dissolved.
  3. Using a candy thermometer, bring the mixture to a boil until it reaches 310° F (or hard crack).
  4. Remove the mixture from heat, and allow to cool in a bowl filled with ice water.
  5. During this stage, add flavor, color, and RSO oil (or canna coconut oil) and stir until combined.
  6. Work quickly to pour the mixture into the molds (or in dots on the mat) before it begins to harden.
  7. Place sticks into the hardening candy, and decorate with sprinkles if desired while still sticky.
  8. You can gently reheat the mixture if it begins to harden.
  9. Allow to sit for 5 hours, and store in a glass jar away from children and pets.

RSO revolutionized cannabis as medicine because it gave patients the ability to make their own. With medical cannabis legal across much of North America today, you can now find RSO sold at medicinal dispensaries as well as through recreational retailers.

If you suffer from chronic illness or another medical condition which requires high doses of cannabinoids daily, consider making the switch to an RSO edible. As you likely know, it can be almost impossible to reach high daily doses through smoking alone. Why not consider making a batch of delicious candies to make your daily dosing routine that much easier? 

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Jessica McKeil

Jessica McKeil is a freelance writer focused on the medical marijuana industry, from production methods to medicinal applications. She is lucky enough to live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada where the cannabis industry is exploding. When not writing, she spends much of her time exploring in the coastal forests.

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  1. Heather Steinberg

    What is the glass jar used for? Also what size gelatin packets? I’m making gummies at some point. Thanks in advance.

  2. Chery

    The glass jar is to store the gummies in, I dont know what size jello either , wish I did so I can make them.

  3. Tim Dunlap

    1000 divided by 20 equals 50 not 200

  4. Maria Morales

    Can you add the RSO to each individual mold to ensure same dosage?

    • Jennifer Grant

      Yes. Are you thinking dropper into each one?

      • Olive agnew

        But how does it distribute?

        • Jennifer Grant

          Hi Olive – apologies – I’m not sure I understand your question. Let me try. Maria was asking if she could add a dropper of tincture to each mold. This is the best way to ensure that each piece has the same dose. If you were to add the tincture in the phase before pouring into the molds, it would definitely distribute well, but there would be dosage inconsistencies.

  5. Kaelee Kauffman

    Can you put them in the fridge to set quicker?

  6. Alexis Moore

    I made a batch last night that ended up being mushy and sticky. Is there any tips for troubleshooting?

    • Jennifer Grant

      Hi Alexis – did you make the gummies recipe or the lollipop? If it’s the former, you can toss them in powdered sugar or mixture of 1/2 corn starch and 1/2 powdered sugar to remove the stickiness.

  7. Angela Swanson

    I want to make a batch of heavy medicated suckers can you use more than a half gram rso in the sucker recipe ?

    • Jennifer Grant

      Depending on how much RSO you added, you would have to change the ratios of other liquids to get the candy to set. It would be an experiment to get that right.

  8. Flying_Deutschman

    Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the great article! On how to properly dose your rso syringes: multiply the total milligrams of the syringe (usually 1g = 1000mg) by the total percentage of cannabinoids in the package (60-90% in my experience) in decimal form to get the total theoretical yield of the syringe. For example, if I have 1g of rso I convert that to 1000mg and then multiply by the percent potency on the package in decimal form (78/100 = .78) to get a total cannabinoid content of 780mg for that syringe. Note that this method often only works in states where recreational cannabis is legal, but some medical providers will also publish this data on the package. Also, depending on the source of the rso the percentage can be inflated to boost sales, so you might end up with even weaker doses than the 50mg described above. For those seeking higher doses, I would suggest binding the rso to a carrier oil like coconut oil and pouring into a gummy mold to estimate the dose.

  9. Debbie

    Can I substitute honey for some or all of sugar?