Is Your Joint Burning Too Fast? Roll The Perfect Slow-Burner

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You will never see another canoe if you follow this simple advice.

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Is Your Joint Burning Too Fast? Do your joints burn too fast or unevenly? Have you truly mastered the art of rolling? 

It seems easy when all you need are some rolling papers, some cardboard paper (like a business card), a grinder, and the cannabis. But from your joint burning too fast, to joints that canoe or won’t burn at all, it’s surprising how many have never quite mastered the technique of rolling.

Here we take a dive into the art of rolling and explain those techniques and tricks you’ll need for that superior roll and burn. From lighting to drawing, and from moisture content to airflow, we’ll go deep on just how to expertly roll that perfect slow-burning joint each and every time.

Learn How to Roll the Perfect Slow-Burner

On paper it sounds easy. You grind it, place it, roll it, lick it, and then stick it. But for those trying to learn the technique of rolling the perfect joint, you know all too well that it’s never as easy as it seems.

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So let’s get straight to it. What will you need to begin? Well, some cannabis, rolling paper, a good grinder, and a thin piece of cardboard that you’ll use for a tip. Once gathered, you can begin to grind your cannabis.

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The Best Grind of Them All

Grinding is an important step. Grind too fine, and that powdery consistency will result in restricted airflow and poor burning. If the cannabis is not ground enough, or was broken apart by hand, there may be too many air pockets. This leads to joints burning too fast or canoeing, wasting both your medicine and your money. With a quality 4-piece grinder, an optimal grind can be easily obtained.

Making the Perfect Crutch

Here comes the tricky part. If you want to make a tip for yourself, simply cut a strip of thin cardboard. Rather than rolling it up, first make two slight bends and make an “M” shape. Then roll it. It’ll give you that springy cylindrical tip along with an obstruction for plant matter.

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How to Roll a Joint

To avoid joints burning too fast or canoeing, you’ll want to create a cone-shaped joint. Two tips on this one: (1) Lay your cannabis out on the paper in a cone shape and (2) When holding the paper horizontally, to angle the bottom lip at approximately 45° to the top lip. Later, as you roll, it’s that alignment that gives you the cone shape.

The Roll and the Tuck

With the tip in place, take the ground cannabis and fill the trough. Gently pack down the grind by massaging the joint through the paper between your index fingers and thumbs. It’s ok if some cannabis falls out. Then, starting at the tip, gently tuck the bottom lip down behind for a tight bind.

Work your way up, tucking in as you go, before licking and rolling to completion. You can then add whatever remainder of the cannabis grinds fit through the open end. Pack it down before twisting to close it.

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Trouble Shooting: Is Your Joint Still Burning Too Fast?

You may think you’ve done it right, but until you light, you’ll never know. If your joint begins canoeing, burning unevenly, or too quickly, then something’s not quite right. Let’s take a look at some of the things that affect burn rate.

Is the Cannabis Too Moist or Dry?

The most important factor in how a joint burns is the moisture level in the cannabis. Too dry and the joint burns too fast, and too moist and it won’t burn well. In other words, quality matters.

If your joint is burning too fast, one reason may be that your cannabis is too dry. Once harvested, cannabis slowly begins to dry out. When the curing process has removed the excess moisture, the total remaining moisture should be between 5 and 10 percent for an optimal burn.

How cannabis is stored also affects moisture levels. Factors such as humidity, temperature, and exposure to the environment will all have an effect. You should always keep your medicine in an airtight container away from direct exposure. Check out our guide on storing cannabis for more info.

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How Did You Pack It?

Packed too loose and the burn is fast and uneven. Packed too tight and it’s slow but perhaps difficult to smoke.

If the former is your problem, you simply need more practice. Try packing it down with a the blunt end of a pen cap.  But if it’s the latter, then some people find that making a thin hole with a skewer up through the joint helps before closing. This gives the smoke a pathway, which ensures it’s easier to smoke, but still burns slowly.

The Quality of Paper Affects the Burn

Papers are usually made from hemp, flax, rice, or wood pulp. It’s important to choose one that burns well. Expert rollers generally use high-quality hemp or rice papers. They burn slower and produce better rolls, making it much easier to roll that cohesive joint we’re after.

Puff, Puff, Pass

Drawing intensely means the joint burns faster. Be at one with the medicine and work at her pace. And as you slowly become aligned, you can begin to let the benefits of this wonderful plant manifest. Make it a mindful experience. This is why we have the saying, “Puff, puff, pass” instead of “Haul, haul, done.” Savor and enjoy.

Sparking Up Too Quickly?

Hasty lighting can undo all your good work! For a joint that smokes slowly and evenly, avoid drawing when applying the flame. With the joint in your hand, apply the flame to the closed end and slowly rotate it in your fingers. After a few tokes the correctly lit joint should develop a cherry that burns slowly and evenly.

Mindfully Rolled and Mindfully Smoked!

The quest for the perfectly rolled joint is a never-ending one for many. Finding cannabis that’s just dry enough, that you grind just fine enough, and then roll just tight enough is easier said than done. It takes time to master, but it’s a challenge worth embracing. Roll them mindfully and smoke them mindfully before letting the medicine teach you how to roll with the punches in life too!

For the more adventurous among you who want to take your joint-rolling skills to the next level, check out our articles on how to roll a cross joint or how to roll a cannabis cigar.

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