Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Autumn

Francis Cassidy September 22, 2020 0 comments

Maple Leaf Indica is the perfect strain or Fall.

Fall is when we begin to slow down, turn inward, and let go of things – just like nature does. For those who want to transition into fall mindfully, then cannabis can be a very helpful ally. From Maple Leaf Indica to Ringo’s Gift, these are the top five chemovars for the Fall season.

Where summer emphasizes activity and connection, Fall is the time to reflect and collect the harvest. It brings shorter days and preparations for the upcoming winter. In traditional medicine circles, Autumn has always been associated with a time to focus, collect, and cleanse. If you’d like to tune in deeper to the natural rhythms, then here are five top cannabis chemovars to consider.

Ringo’s Gift: High CBD Strain

According to a report published by Johns Hopkins, an estimated twenty-six percent of Americans over eighteen suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder in any given year. These underlying issues often raise their heads as the summer light fades into shorter days.

For those who require some help to combat mood issues or addiction, then there are several cannabis chemovars that may help. Ringo’s Gift is one of the most recommended to patients combatting addiction because it quells underlying anxiety and helps the mind focus on recovery.

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This high-CBD chemovar has CBD levels that average between ten and fifteen percent, with minimal THC. Ringo’s Gift generally imparts a combination of an energetic cerebral buzz coupled with deep body relaxation. It tends to make consumers more sociable and chatty. Further, some say it dampens the need that many feel to reach for a harmful substance. The cerebral effects give way to a full-body relaxation that while not quite couchlock, tends to leave many consumers relaxed and free from impulsive tendencies.

The high ratio of CBD to THC means that consumers stay in control at all times. Most find the chemovar useful in curbing anxiety and uncontrollable appetite.

maple leaf indica and strains for fall represented by group of friends out having campfire in woods in fall

Kali Mist – Sativa

The nights get longer. The evenings cooler. With those, Autumn is often the best time to tap into your creative reservoir and ‘dream it up’ once again. Whether it’s writing, painting, drawing, or any other artistic pursuit, then why not enhance any underlying drive by combining it with a chemovar that’ll accentuate your creative abilities?

With unknown roots deep in the Sativa lineage, Kali Mist is recommended to enhance creativity and sometimes even provoke a mild psychedelic effect when consumed in high enough doses. The energetic and uplifting feelings, coupled with its stress and anxiety-busting abilities, mean that it has all the qualities to inspire, motivate, and promote a creative flow.

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Maple Leaf Indica

Canada is one of the most cannabis-friendly nations on earth. When there’s a chemovar like Maple Leaf Indica named after its national symbol, it’s worth paying attention. With its roots in central Asian Indica landrace varieties, Maple Leaf Indica induces a relaxed, happy, and somewhat euphoric vibe that inhibits stress and anxiety.

Fall is often a time for long walks in nature. And what better place to do this with cannabis than among those deep burning reds that break out in the Fall? With THC levels that average in at eighteen percent, it provides a noticeable lift that’s sure to enhance the visual feast of vibrant Fall colors.

For those who prefer to enjoy the shorter evenings indoors, then Maple Leaf Indica is also noted for its aphrodisiac properties. For those in the mood for some romance and enhanced bodily sensation, Maple Leaf Indica delivers on several fronts.

maple leaf indica and strains for fall represented by group of trees changing

Caramelo – Sweet and Spicy

Caramelo has a novel terpene profile that offers a unique floral aroma with sweet and spicy undertones. Akin in ways to much of the fruit we associate with fall, it’s undoubtedly a chemovar aligned to the season.

Caramelo is strong, and with THC levels approaching an astounding thirty percent, it’s not for the faint of heart. It tends to impart an uplifting effect and promote an energetic buzz while also offering relief from underlying pain symptoms. Carmelo induces calm and may help promote focus and creativity in many individuals. Whether you prefer to curl up with a good book or dream up a new artistic project, Carmelo is the Fall chemovar that’ll give your mind room to roam.

Vanilla Kush – Potent Indica

Known to induce an arousing and happy euphoria, Vanilla Kush is one chemovar best enjoyed in Autumn company. Vanilla Kush is a potent chemovar with its genetic roots in Indica landrace varieties in Afghanistan’s mountainous valleys.

You could think of it as the ideal strain for a campfore get together to enjoy the last of the warmer nights before winter. It could serve an unusual purpose around the campfire, too. THC levels approach twenty percent, but Vanilla Kush is notably high in the terpene terpinolene. A study [1]Wang, J. L., Li, Y., & Lei, C. L. (2009). Evaluation of monoterpenes for the control of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) and Sitophilus zeamaise Motschulsky. Natural product research, 23(12), … Continue reading published in Natural Product Research (2009), discussed how terpinolene can help repel insects. Your fireside smoking session with Vanilla Kush could help keep those pesky bugs at bay from a campfire with friends on a fall evening.

Whichever cannabis chemovar you choose to wind down the summer, remain mindful. Turning inward and resting is a gift that comes once a year. Enjoy!


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