Can Cannabis Tackle Mood Swings?

Emily Robertson August 25, 2018 0 comments

There are cannabis strains bred to help you chill out.

 ‘Mood swings’ are the butt of the joke for PMS and menopause. Truth is, we have to laugh or we will cry (then laugh some more, followed by more crying). It’s reality that hormonal mood swings are almost exclusively the domain of women. The great news is that cannabis may be a suitable mood stabilizer with very few no side effects.

Traditionally, mood swings were seen as a form of female hysteria or a chemical imbalance. Pharmaceuticals or talk therapy are prescribed, especially if depression and anxiety are part of the mix.

While these things can provide some ‘tools’ for the ‘toolbox’, sometimes immediate resolution is what’s needed. Those who suffer mood swings can experience shifts so severe that they no longer recognize themselves. This can be disorientating and scary, and can cause a loss of confidence in self and identity.

What Causes Mood Swings?

Mood swings have a variety of root causes, with sudden hormonal shifts being the most common. Mental health issues, like bipolar disorder and depression, as well as habit changes, like sleep patterns and alcohol consumption, can play a part; hormones are the main culprit when it comes to sudden mood swings

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Menopause is an extremely challenging time for women. Their hormones change entirely, and force them to experience a variety of unpleasant situations that only contribute to dramatic mood shifts, ups and downs: insomnia, anxiety, and hot flashes, to name a few. These can affect a woman’s ability to adjust with the major changes that are already causing physical distress.

Unfortunately, in the most severe cases, mood swings can damage intimate relationships, even cause loss of friendships, loss of jobs, and even a loss of sense of identity. It’s a state of being that needs to be treated.

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Treatments for ‘Mood Swings’

Treatments these days often include lithium, mood stabilizers, and, depending on the condition, anti-depressants. The side effects of these can, at times, exacerbate the situation. Side effects can include, but are not limited to: weight gain, stomach pain, diarrhea, thyroid problems, constipation, weakness, fatigue, tremors, and blurred vision. Additionally, even with these side effects, the problem isn’t always solved. Some women find that the side effects hardly make up for a more stable mood.

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It’s not good enough by a long shot, so it’s great news that a ‘new’ treatment has been gaining ground.

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Cannabis for Treating Mood Swings

People with a variety of diseases and conditions are starting to understand and experience the benefits of cannabis for battling mood swings without the adverse side effects of mainstream treatments.

Of course, it depends on your strain. There are a few strains that may be best for treating mood swings. In general, low THC strains tend to be the best for avoiding head highs, psychoactive effects that may produce anxiety or paranoia. High CBD strains offer relaxing, tranquil highs without the risk of paranoia. Vaping a high-CBD strain is fast acting; so, if you’re in the middle of a mood swing, CBD can step in to help you regain control

Cannabis Strains for Mood Swings

Frank’s Gift is the mellow maker. With a 20% CBD content and a THC level of less than 5%, Frank’s Gift will boost your energy, decrease any accompanying physical pain, and offer a more smooth, mellow mood state. It’s a sativa dominant strain, but its smoothness is perfect for cannabis patients of any experience.

Pineapple Kush simply is a classic. With delicious chestnut and fruity flavours (of pineapple – who would have guessed?), Pineapple Kush is also sativa dominant but low in THC. CBD levels swing around 15% while THC is often only 1-3%.

Finally, you’ll want to check out Haze Auto. This strain is a combo of sativa, ruderalis, and indica with a low CBD level of only 5% while THC is as much as 12%. Haze Auto is perfect for anyone just starting out with cannabis, and will offer a tranquil feeling without the couch lock on.

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