Terp Sauce: Rich in Flavor, Aroma, And More

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Terp sauce is made from fresh or flash frozen flower to preserve all of that good medicine.

In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, the race is on to harness the full powers of this ancient plant. While some ideas disappear just as quickly as they appear, others capture the attention of the masses. And one concentrate that has been very popular in recent months is terp sauce.

With a flavorful spectrum, it’s a carefully extracted concentrate that preserves the complete contents of those potent trichomes. It doesn’t have the ludicrously rich THC quantity of other concentrates. But, rather it harnesses the medicinal properties of the plant by preserving that all-important terpene profile. Let’s dip into the world of this secret sauce.

What is Terp Sauce?

Terp sauce is a new potent form of concentrate that’s high in those all-important therapeutic terpenes that patients have come to know and love. Also known for its rich flavor and aroma, terp sauce provides a flavorful and therapeutic experience when consumed.

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While many concentrates on the market focus on THC-rich content, terp sauce is more of a balanced extract. Extraction processes focus on the preservation of the terpene profile of the flower. It’s what’s known as a High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE). These extracts are difficult to produce, but are in high demand due to their increased potency and associated medicinal benefits obtained via the entourage effect.

How to Make Terp Sauce

Terp sauce is not something that you can make at home. You make it with Butane Hash Oil (BHO) extraction techniques. Due to the flammable nature of BHO extractions and the associated dangers, it’s best carried out by those with the right tools and experience. And not in a neighborhood.

For high-terpene extracts, producers prefer fresh or flash frozen flower over cured buds. This is due to excessive terpene loss incurred during the curing process – and that’s the last thing we want as starting material for a terp sauce. To perform BHO extraction, producers fill an extraction tube with fresh plant material. Next, you place a filter over the extraction tube before you force butane through. What comes out on the other end is a golden liquid rich in those potent therapeutic compounds.

Next, a purge takes place to extract the oil. This is often termed “diamond mining” and it takes weeks to complete. Leaving the extract in a cool dark place allows ‘nucleation’ to take place. Nucleation is when certain molecules in the extract begin separating into constituent parts. As cannabinoids separate, they begin to form tiny diamonds.

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During this process, terpenes also separate. But rather than crystalize, they separate it out into a soup known as “mother liquor”, before running it through the extraction process one more time. This is how you achieve high terpene content of 60% plus.

terp sauce, cannabis, medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, medicinal benefits, terpenes, cannabinoids, entourage effect, extracts, BHO extraction

How to Consume it

Thanks to its high terpene profile, terp sauce makes for a delicious dab. And that discrete, portable method of medicating is the best way to enjoy terp sauce. The sheer potency of the sauce allows patients to really get to know their terpenes and the medicine on a deeper level.

Terpenes aside, for those who want to feel a strong medicated effect, then fear not. Terp sauce also contains abundant THCa. And studies have demonstrated a potent synergy between terpenes and THC, in which terpenes can actually potentiate the effects of that cannabinoid.

When it comes to consuming terp sauce, there’s something for all types of patients. For those drawn to CBD, extracts exist which contain larger quantities of that cannabinoid. It makes for an excellent choice if your goal is to explore the therapeutic benefits of terpenes without experiencing intoxicating effects.

You Get What You Pay For

Terp sauce doesn’t come cheap. It’s one of the top concentrates, and quality extracts often approach $100 or more per gram. So, it may not be the most cost-effective method of consuming cannabis, but for those who prefer not to smoke, while still obtaining the benefits of a full extract, terp sauce certainly provides that.

While it may seem expensive when priced by weight, bear in mind the concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes. This is one potent extract. Inexperienced users will certainly get value for their money, and should always start slowly with very small doses. Terpenes can act like rocket fuel when it comes to potentiating the effects of THC.

More experienced users with a higher tolerance will find terp sauce a great way to obtain the medicinal benefits even while consuming comparatively small amounts. Terp sauce is considered quite safe for use, and with many of the unwanted compounds removed, it can provide tremendous therapeutic effect. So, why not give that terpene-filled sticky amber oil a try!

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