What is CBD Paste And How Can You Make It At Home?

Francis Cassidy October 16, 2019 3 comments

CBD paste is a highly concentrated medicine with the consistency of a waxy toothpaste that is easily made at home.

CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid with countless medicinal properties. Traditionally, patients have administered CBD via oils, sprays, gummies, drinks, and capsules. Lately, however, CBD paste has become a convenient method for effective and discrete dosing. Often cheaper per gram than tincture alternatives, CBD paste is an effective way to treat a host of symptoms.

What Is CBD Paste?

CBD paste is a viscous substance that’s formed by mixing CBD extract with waxes and lipids. It provides a convenient method of administration and is a simple method of dosing. Most forms of CBD paste are highly concentrated and come from either a CBD extract from the cannabis or hemp plant, or from a CBD isolate.

High-end forms of CBD paste are formulated from full-spectrum extracts that help ensure the full effects of the plant are modulated. After all, those terpenes and minor cannabinoids all have a role to play.

How Do I Know CBD Paste is Good Quality?

Several extraction methods exist in the cannabis industry. And when it comes to CBD paste, CO2 extraction is the preferred method. Using expensive equipment, CO2 extraction ensures an end product that’s safe for consumption. When extracting with solvents like butane or propane unwanted residues can still be present. This is of much greater concern in jurisdictions where regulations don’t exist to protect consumers.

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Full-spectrum extracts are important. While CBD in isolation may help treat certain conditions, it’s the synergistic relationship between all plant compounds that allow the healing power of cannabis to shine. Known as the entourage effect, it’s the collective synergies of many plant compounds playing out in unison that bring about greater medicinal benefits.

A word on color. If the CBD paste has a dark or tar-like color, then it may be a sign of low-quality material or improper extraction techniques. Although such problems are vastly negated in legal jurisdictions, a significant percentage of CBD on the market comes from waste materials from hemp or cannabis. Such material may contain molds, heavy metals, and excessive pesticides.

What Do I Use CBD Paste For?

Most forms of CBD paste are for sale in easy-to-use syringe-like containers. While applying it topically or eating it are both options, most patients tend to take it sublingually. The method you choose will be dependent upon your circumstances and preferences.

Be careful not to squeeze out too much prior to use. Once squeezed through the nozzle, you’ll have to consume it or place it in the fridge. Most patients apply a small amount on a fingertip and then place the CBD paste under their tongue for thirty seconds.

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When it comes to dosing, the calculations are simple. A ten-gram tube that contains fifty percent CBD will leave you with 5,000mg of CBD. It’s best to start slow and work up to find your dose. Typical doses start at around 20mg of CBD, but can rise until you find your dose. Those treating severe pain may want to begin with an even higher dose approaching 40mg.

cbd paste from UK in its bottle

Image via https://hempika.com/product/hemp-cbd-paste-50-5ml/

How to Make CBD Paste at Home

CBD paste can be easily made at home with some readily available ingredients. All you need is a mason jar, some coconut oil, and either some hemp or cannabis buds from a strain that’s high in CBD and low in THC.

Here’s the process:

  1. Decarboxylate your cannabis 
  2. Grind the buds finely and place them in the mason jar.
  3. Submerge them in coconut oil
  4. Screw the lid onto the mason jar and place it into a pot of water at 175°F (80°C). Allow it to sit for ten to eleven hours.

What are the Benefits of CBD Paste?

As a discreet, non-combustible method of administration, paste offers many advantages for those with medicinal intentions. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid, so it won’t induce any form of high. This makes it ideal for kids, pets, and adults who require medication but need to avoid the intoxication.

CBD Paste for Well-Being

There’s no shortage of scientific literature on the benefits of CBD. A study from Brazil’s University of São Paulo (2018) investigated the protective role of CBD in movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and dyskinesia. These highly debilitating conditions are linked to oxidative stress and neurodegeneration, and CBD was helpful in treating, and in some cases, preventing such illnesses. 

Other studies suggest CBD is therapeutic in treating a host of diseases and symptoms such as autoimmune diseases, neurological conditions, epilepsy, metabolic syndromes, neuropsychiatric illness, cardiovascular dysfunction, skin disease and more.

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CBD Paste for Pets

Common household pets like dogs and cats have their own endocannabinoid system which, like us, must remain in balance for optimal health. While dosing animals with any THC product is irresponsible and potentially dangerous to your pet, other phytocannabinoids such as CBD are more appropriate.

In veterinary assessments from a study at the College of Veterinary Medicine (2018), dogs with osteoarthritis experienced a reduction in pain during periods of CBD treatment.

As with humans, CBD is also an effective medicine for pets. From reducing anxiety to seizure treatment, and from pain relief to treating inflammation, there are many health benefits on offer for humans and animals alike.

CBD And Skin Health

There is potential that the antioxidant properties of CBD paste may help strengthen the skin’s natural defense system. For exammple, some interesting findings arose from a study at Department of Dermatology in Denver (2018). Researchers “found that cannabinoid products have the potential to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne vulgaris, pruritus, psoriasis, skin cancer, and the cutaneous manifestations of systemic sclerosis.

Cannabidiol paste is perhaps the ideal way to treat skin conditions. Simply apply a small amount of paste to the affected areas or dissolve it in a cosmetic product before applying it to the skin.

The Convenient and Easy Way to Dose CBD

Cannabidiol paste provides a quick and convenient way to get your daily Cannabidiol dose. Although commercial products can be expensive, the cost per gram of paste is often cheaper than alternative high-quality methods of administration such as CBD oil or capsules. Remember that there are levels of paste quality though. So full spectrum CBD paste will offer more health benefits than paste from an isolate. 

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