Reasons Why Cannabis Gum May Help With Dosing

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Cannabis gum is transportable, accurately dosed, and cannabinoids are quickly absorbed through the mouth. Triple threat!

What delivers fast relief without any smoke, and as a bonus has a pleasant peppermint flavor? Who would have guessed cannabis-infused gum? Even more intriguing, would you have guessed it may be more effective than edibles? Cannabis gum is a relatively new product, but it’s already gaining popularity for providing acute relief from chronic illness without damaging lungs or respiratory tracts.

And, it’s not just another cannabis-hoax (cannabis-infused water anyone?). Cannabis gum is fast acting, convenient, and discrete, and, more importantly, provides an accurate dose. Plus, chewing gum is something familiar. No need to learn to use a vaporizer or calculate dose from a concentrate. Just crack open the package and start chewing.


Acute Relief Through the Sublingual Pathway

Cannabis gum works through what is known as the “sublingual pathway.” Your gums, tongue, and lining of your oral cavity is semi-permeable. It’s a mucous membrane, which allows for saliva production when needed and for the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and other compounds during the first part of ingestion.

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Technically speaking, your mouth and its mucous membrane are only the first stop along the long pathway through your digestive tract. Your mouth is also the first spot where your body can begin to digest food and absorb nutrients.

There are already many medicines that rely on sublingual administrations, including cardiovascular drugs, steroids, and novel new vitamin formulations. Many cannabis preparations also rely on sublingual absorption to make it to the blood-brain barrier. Think of Rick Simpson Oil, CBD oils, and oral cannabis sprays.

Cannabis gum uses the same principle to break into the bloodstream as these more conventional cannabis products and pharmaceuticals. The action of chewing a tablet of gum slowly breaks down the structure to release the active ingredients: cannabinoids.

Slow Release for Long-Lasting Relief

Have you ever heard of the gum Nicorette that’s designed to help you quit smoking? It releases a small dose of nicotine throughout the course of chewing to help stem the cravings for another cigarette. Cannabis gum (totally nicotine-free) operates using the same principle. 

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Sublingual delivery may be more effective than that of an edible or other oral methods. If you consider the destructive composition of our digestive tract, from end to end, there are a lot of dangers for a sensitive compound like THC or CBD.

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Sublingual delivery subjects these compounds to saliva but avoids the continuous channel of destruction by way of the stomach and intestines. The mouth absorbs the compounds without ever entering farther down the gastrointestinal system. Because of this, cannabis gum may deliver more medicine, more immediately than other methods of delivery. These factors make it more effective for some patients.

Gum is a long-lasting experience. You can chew the same piece of gum for hours on end with no detrimental effect. Chew after chew it releases flavor and sweetness. Cannabis gum may deliver the same extended benefits, by releasing the medicines during your chew.

It’s still fast acting even if not quick to deteriorate. The cannabinoids absorb almost immediately through the mucous membrane. Compared to other methods of ingestion, this should have a slow-release effect. A slow-release mitigates its quick absorption because not all medicinal compounds release at the same time. Remember, it’s the chewing action that slowly breaks down the ingredients to release the cannabinoids. 

Reasons to Make the Switch to Cannabis Gum

It’s not just about the new experience or fancy packaging. Cannabis gum has a lot going for it, and no, we aren’t talking about the juicy fruit or peppermint flavors. There are reasons why companies like Joy Gum and Endoca are banking on the popularity of THC- and CBD-infused chewable products.

Useful for Microdosing

Most of the brands available today, including Endoca for CBD and Joy Gum with THC, are low dose. Endoca CBD gum contains only 15 mg of CBD per tablet, and Joy Gum only 10 mg of THC. When bitten in half, these qualify as microdoses. Considering the accuracy of each dose of gum, this is a safe way to introduce THC into your daily routine.

Accurate Dose

Smoking and vaping are notoriously unsuccessful at providing consistent and predictable treatments. Every inhalation provides a different quantity of CBD or THC. Edibles, when done well, are much more predictable but aren’t usually useful for microdosing. On the other hand, each piece of gum has a highly accurate dose, delivering predictable and controllable relief.

Speedy Onset

For those patients who wish to avoid the possible issues related to smoking or vaping their medicine, cannabis gum offers an alternative. The benefits of smoking and vaping are that these methods are fast-acting. Should you need chronic pain relief right at that moment, these methods provide acute relief. But if you don’t smoke, you’re stuck with options that are slower to kick in (like edibles). Cannabis gum acts fast without the risks of smoking.

While many of you might have written cannabis gum off as a new edible fad, by borrowing technology from other orally-absorbed drugs and medicinal gums, cannabis gum is set to provide effective relief without the mess. Throughout the act of chewing, the gum should slowly release the therapeutic compounds for long-lasting relief.

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