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KOAL CBD Bath Bomb (100mg CBD) Peppermint Power


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RxLeaf is set to transform, not only your bath life, but maybe your personal life too. KOAL CBD bath bombs are a premium blend of essential oils, pure CBD, and skin revitalizing coconut oil, along with other natural emollients and moisturizers. But, there’s more inside the CBD bath experience that we’ve nicknamed ‘Peppermint Power.’

Ever feel that kernel of self doubt drop into the pit of your stomach just about four hours before starting a first date? You can almost measure it like clockwork. Listen, the most important next step is to keep that little life-destroyer from exploding into a mess of insecurity and self-hatred. Pause for a nice, steamy bath with KOAL’s Peppermint Power CBD bath bomb. Who’s sexy? You are. Hey, maybe we should rename this the ‘sex bomb.’

Cool. Fresh. Powerful. Distinctive. These are the new descriptors swimming around your head as you soak in revitalizing effervescent bubbles. Come out confident, smelling great, and feeling so soft.

Look at you with your skin matching your fresh breath. Nothing says game-on like a single note scent. Have a great night, you!


WEIGHT 140 g
INGREDIENTS Baking Soda, Corn Starch, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Water, Coconut Oil, Essential Oil, Press CBD Isolate Premium Cannabidiol, Peppermint Scent
SCENT Vanilla
SUGGESTED USE Enjoy a steamy bath to release the revitalizing peppermint power of CBD bath bombs.

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