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KOAL CBD Bath Bomb (100mg CBD) Orange Optimal


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KOAL CBD bath bombs are injected with the wellness benefits of CBD and essential oils. Check out Orange Optimal for a fresh take on citrus scent. Drop one down in your bath right before the big interview. That’s right. Take a moment to compose your mind and your best answers while Orange Optimal effervescent bubbles pop brilliant new ideas all around you.

When you get out, moisturizers and emollients from our bath bombs will have your skin silky, smooth, and zesty. Who’s looking good? You are. And they say that good smells are four tenths of interview success. So, go in strong with a power scent (not be confused with a powerful scent).

Smooth and lightly dusted with notes of satsuma, you are ready to knock down all of those five-year plan questions like a champ. Success is yours inside your swath of supple, citrus-scented skin.

Believe in yourself.



WEIGHT 140 g
INGREDIENTS Baking Soda, Corn starch, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Water, Coconut Oil, Essential oil, Press CBD Isolate Premium Cannabidiol, Orange Scent.
SCENT Orange
SUGGESTED USE For relaxation and skin hydration while in the bath.

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