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    What are the benefits of CBD Bath Bombs?

    All-natural bath bombs will indulge you in the de-stressing experience of hemp aromatherapy. Relax and hydrate your skin with our luxurious CBD bath bombs. Skincare never smelled so good!

    What do CBD Bath Bombs do?

    CBD bath bombs are a tightly packed ball of essential oils, CBD, terpenes, and other premium ingredients. Once wet, this ball of goodness will effervesce, delivering aromatherapy and hydrating molecules to help your skin look and feel its best.

    How do CBD Bath Bombs work?

    Bath bombs are designed for relaxation therapy and skin care. Baking soda and gentle citric acid will chemically react in the presence of water. The reaction releases carbon dioxide, causing a fizzing and bubbling in your bath.

    Is each CBD Bath Bomb for a specific need?

    Each hemp bath bomb is created from the finest organic ingredients to soothe and relax away the stressors of your busy day. Each scent has its own unique blend of terpenes and essential oils, and it’s really a matter of personal preference. Pick the scent you love the most.

    How are CBD Bath Bombs made?

    RxLeaf uses a blend of natural ingredients for DIY skin care. Each one is vegan, organic, and gluten-free. Dry ingredients are blended together along with essential oils, Epsom salt, and pigment. 

    Are CBD Bath Bombs safe?

    When used as recommended, CBD Bath Bombs are generally safe. These can make the sides of the tub slippery, thereby creating a hazard. Children under the age of twelve, pregnant and nursing mothers, and those with open wounds should not use CBD Bath Bombs.

    How long should you soak in a CBD Bath Bomb?

    The general recommendation is to soak for twelve to twenty minutes. The Epsom salt can dehydrate your skin if you soak too long.

    Do CBD Bath Bombs expire?

    Like other products, CBD Bath Bombs have a recommended expiry date (shelf life) after which these will lose effectiveness. In general, hemp bath bombs last for about six months if stored in a cool, dry place.

    Can CBD Bath Bombs get you high?

    Cannabidiol, CBD, is a non-intoxicating compound. You will not get high from using a CBD Bath Bomb.

    Can I cut a CBD Bath Bomb in half?

    Yes, you can cut them in half. The benefits of the CBD Bath Bomb will not be diminished by doing so.