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    Are CBD topicals legal?

    Legalities are specific to geographic location. In Canada, cannabis topicals are legal with the prescription of a physician. In the USA, products for CBD skincare with a THC concentration of less than 0.3% are legal. 

    How do CBD topicals work? And is your product vegan?

    Topicals work by absorbing through the skin, and may assist at the location of application. Cannabinoids will not enter the bloodstream and help with any systemic needs. The skin has cannabinoid receptors, plus the topical is made with a carrier that helps these penetrate into the skin. 

    All KOAL line products for RxLeaf are vegan and gluten free.

    Can topicals help with sleep? Will these make me feel sleepy?

    There is not research evidence and no anecdotal reports to indicate that topicals can help with sleep. This is because the ingredients are not absorbed into the bloodstream.

    Are CBD topicals effective?

    A review published in Trends in Pharmacological Science (2019) describes the tremendous potential to work with the endocannabinoid system to develop novel treatments for skin ailments. The conditions cited include: acne, allergic dermatitis, pain, and psoriasis. At this time, however, there are not complete human clinical trials and no lab tested CBD skincare results. 

    Do CBD topicals get into the bloodstream?

    No. There is no evidence to suggest that topically applied cannabinoids can cross through the skin into the bloodstream.

    Will I get high from CBD topicals?

    As current evidence describes, cannabinoids applied to the skin do not pass through to the bloodstream. This means that even a salve or lotion high in THC would not result in intoxication.

    What is the difference between hemp cream and CBD cream?

    The difference will depend on the ingredients. Some CBD creams may be formulated from a CBD isolate, which is not the same thing as hemp. To be considered a hemp cream, the CBD topical must be broad spectrum. This means that all cannabinoids and terpenes are still present. A CBD isolate is the extraction of CBD alone. 

    Do you use hemp to make the RxLeaf CBD topical?

    Yes. Our cream is made from premium, broad spectrum, CBD oil, with the addition of essential oils, and vitamin E (which acts as an antioxidant).

    How quickly do CBD topicals absorb?

    The absorption rate depends on many factors, including skin condition and genetics. You will know the cream or salve is absorbed when you can no longer see it on the surface of the skin. 

    Can I use CBD topicals for internal use? Are these safe to eat?

    No. CBD topicals are for external use only.