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What’s CBD Coffee? And what is CBD Tea?

CBD coffee and CBD tea are the hot drinks you have grown to love, but enhanced with cannabidiol (CBD). The best coffee brands have CBD that is fully soluble, without residue or cloudiness. Hemp You Can Feel™ CBD coffee pods deliver on this promise. Made from organic coffee beans and CBD processed through a special Israeli technology using BeeFuse™ with honey bees, this CBD is 100% soluble and 100% tasteless. So, you can enjoy your morning coffee exactly how you like it.

How is CBD coffee made?

Hemp You Can Feel™ has invested heavily into R&D for a dual fusion technology, clean label process that uses only natural ingredients with zero chemical additives. First, it uses an Israeli developed bee technology to create a CBD product that is fully soluble in water. Then each fully compostable pod of organic coffee enjoys a serving of this naturally water-soluble honey bee infusion PLUS 30mg CBD from broad-spectrum hemp extracts.


Unlike other CBD coffee products, Hemp You Can Feel™ CBD infusion uses zero chemicals, zero surfactants, and zero emulsifiers. All you get is organic coffee and CBD from hemp.

A ‘fully compostable’ coffee pod is a myth, isn’t it?

Nope. Hemp You Can Feel™has made their pods fully compostable (pod, lid, packaging, and packaging inserts) within 120 days of being properly discarded.

Sorry, did you say Honey Bees?

That’s right! Honey bees love hemp! The bees consume the hemp and create a unique, honey fortified with hemp extract. There is an enzyme in the honey stomach of bees that converts nectar into honey. This special enzyme also converts hemp into a concentrated, water-soluble, all-natural extract that is added to Hemp You Can Feel™ products. And that’s the science of BeeFuse™ technology!

What are the effects of CBD coffee? Will it get me high?

Studies on CBD are ongoing, but people typically take it to relax or to help with the symptoms of inflammation. The CBD in Hemp You Can Feel™ coffee pods is no different. Cannabidiol (CBD) is not intoxicating, so you will not experience feelings of euphoria typically associated with being ‘high’.

Where to buy CBD coffee pods?

Right HERE.

Can CBD oil be taken at the same time as CBD coffee?

You should always follow the dosing recommendations of your physician. Each Hemp You Can Feel™ coffee pod has 30mg CBD.

Where does CBD come from?

CBD is a compound, called a cannabinoid, that naturally occurs in the Cannabis sativa plant. It can be extracted as an isolate or may be present as a broad-spectrum product that contains other cannabinoids and terpenes. While CBD has a very good safety profile and is considered to be relatively free of side effects, children and pregnant or nursing mothers should first consult their physician.

Which setting do I use to brew Hemp You Can Feel™ Coffee?

It is recommended that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your single-serving coffee-maker. The coffee pods brew the most balanced cup at the 8oz setting. It yields superior flavor for these super-premium CBD coffee pods.

Tell me more about the different CBD coffee flavors you offer

Hemp You Can Feel™ offers three super-premium coffee blends, with more on the way.

The organic Guatemalan is a single-source coffee from an organic farm located in the mountains of Guatemala. It has a deep, bold flavor with profiles from rich and chocolaty to sweet, fruity, and complex.  The Colombian blend is a single-source Colombian medium roast combined with a lighter roast Costa Rican coffee. The flavors are of dark cherry and ripe berry. Finally, there is the Breakfast Blend, a mild, medium roast from Brazil.  Of course, all three products start with beans directly imported into our facility, which are roasted, ground, and packaged on-site at our facility.