Cannabis as a Spiritual Ally In Our Dysfunctional Lives

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Remaining happy, healthy, and vibrant into old age involves realizing that our existence extends far beyond the thinking mind. Cannabis is our spiritual ally in this journey.

Pascal once said that “all of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Between compulsive thinking and the constant pursuit of pleasures, many of us have become ever more distracted in our busy, interconnected world. Truth be told, we’re as far removed as we’ve ever been from our ancestral roots. Thriving in the twenty-first century world within the confines of a body and mind that evolved on the savannah is no easy feat. And the health statistics back this up. In the U.S. alone there have been 1.7 million new cancer cases in 2019. We need a spiritual ally like cannabis.

As we become sicker, we need to realize that the root of all illness extends much deeper than its symptomatic nature. The medicinal properties of cannabis are well documented, but when used with a clear intention, it’s also a medicine for the soul. Cannabis is a spiritual ally that provides the key to a deeper connection to the world within.

Cannabis Provides More than Symptomatic Relief

Many people consume cannabis without ever harnessing a deep connection with the plant. In many ways, we live in a dysfunctional culture. We have an education system that teaches that salvation lies in thinking rather than feeling. As a result, many of us deal with brutal levels of stress. Others have financial worries, relationship issues, even addictions, and the (un)conscious burying of childhood traumas. In the process of dealing with these issues within the confines of our conscious minds, the ensuing disconnect we develop with our own bodies leads to all sorts of dis-ease further down the line.

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Western medicine is slowly coming around to the idea that our underlying emotional state is of paramount importance to our physical health. A 2017 study carried out at the University of Seoul provided evidence of a strong correlation between both.

Cannabis and spirituality conjointly allow us to tap into deep presence and oneness with the body. Where dietary changes or topical creams may provide symptomatic relief, it’s often a bottom-up approach that’s required to truly reverse and prevent disease. And that begins with tuning in.

Cannabis and Spirituality: How to Tune In

In the modern west, many of us live in our heads. But traditional societies around the world have always related to their bodies in a very different way. Through the archetypal lens, they view their existence as one finely attuned to a “life energy” within. Whether this is true in a western scientific context is not the question, but it is how the brain evolved to interpret reality over the course of millions of years.

In the scientific age, most of us cannot quieten our minds sufficiently to be truly present. In his book, The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle describes how a whole ocean of awareness lies within the body. With sufficient practice, it’s possible to tap into your inner body and feel the energy and enhanced awareness. And when used responsibly, cannabis can provide us with the key to enter into that awareness.

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Cannabis as a Spiritual Ally: How to Work with the Plant

Cannabis is what’s known as a non-specific amplifier. In other words, cannabis consumption enhances your current state of mind. This means that intention is of paramount importance.

Cannabis consumption purely for recreation with no firm intention can result in sporadic experiences. For some, this may manifest as anxiety or paranoia, while others will simply zone out. While the latter may be an effective method for dealing with life’s issues at the time, it offers no real remedy to the underlying issues that lie deep within.

When consumed correctly, cannabis is an advanced spiritual medicine. It allows you to become truly present in a way that many people have never felt in their lives.

cannabis as a spiritual ally shown by cannabis on brain animation

A Ceremonial Protocol with Cannabis

Begin by setting an intention. This may be whatever is at the forefront of your own life. It may even be as simple as asking the cannabis spirit to guide you into a state of deep inner presence. 

A small dosage relevant to your tolerance is all that’s required. Many report that sativa-dominant hybrids work best for them. Although many people have successfully combined indica-dominant and sativa-dominant hybrids for a complete spectrum. Experiment with what works for you.

Begin by sitting in stillness in a quiet environment. As with any other mindfulness practice, you can anchor your attention to a sensation within the body, such as the breath. As the effects of the plant begin to modulate, be wary of following any thoughts or insights no matter how tempting they may seem. Simply feel your muscles relax as you slowly open up to the wider experience of the “now.”

The Spiritual Journey with Cannabis 

As you sink deeper into bodily awareness with each breath, simply try and notice the sensations. Slowly but surely a whole new world of perception may begin to open up. Try and feel for blockages within your body, note how your posture may be affecting the flow within. Alter your position accordingly and simply notice how things shift.

Notice any feelings or emotions that arise as you transcend into a deeper state. Where do these emotions manifest? The abdomen, the chest, the throat? Simply notice, no stories. These are powerful signals from your body. Old traumas are held deep within the body long after the conscious mind has stopped ruminating directly on them.

As you transcend deeper, ask the plant to highlight the feelings and help you find the root. As you peel the layers off, it surprise you just how much cannabis will reveal.

cannabis as a spiritual ally represented by elder woman doing yoga

Explore the experience and work with the energy on hand. Avoid activating the thinking mind. Simply rely on feeling, much like an accomplished musician might — they don’t consciously perceive chord changes, they feel them.

Feel free to dose with more if you aren’t going deep enough. Build it gradually though. First, stop distracting yourself with other activities. Then, it’s surprising just how deep one can go into the “now.”

Harnessing the Spiritual Ally

Further, remaining happy, healthy, and vibrant into old age involves realizing that our existence extends far beyond the thinking mind. Cannabis allows us to establish that deep connection to the inner world. It’s our spiritual ally. This is required to weed out the emotional traumas and negative thinking patterns that eventually lead to disease.

You don’t need to go there every day. The secret is that each time you do, you bring that inner presence back into your daily life. It’s what you’re not tuned into over the decades that may eventually come back and bite you in later life. After all, as we grow older, every single one of us simply wants to age with grace. Namaste!

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